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SUBASE, State, and Town Officials Launch Crystal Lake Road Improvement Project With ‘Eyesore’ Demolition

The Dolphin - May 9, 2013, By Lt. j.g. Phillip Chitty

GROTON, Conn. – Several SUBASE, State, and Town officials eagerly watched as the shattered bricks and rubble remnants of a dry cleaning dynasty helped lay the foundation for a mutually beneficial Navy and community improvement project.

Land Buys Will Buffer Avon Park Air Force Base

THE LEDGER - May 5, 2013, By Tom Palmer

AVON PARK | The first purchases were announced last week in a program that environmental and military leaders hope will better protect the Avon Park Air Force Range's military operations and key conservation areas near the Kissimmee River.

Wind Turbine Permit Bill Passes N.C. House

Sun Journal- May 4, 2013, By Sue Book

A wind turbine permit bill that allows those advocating for clear flight paths for the military to be heard in the permitting process was overwhelmingly passed the N.C. House on Wednesday.

Time is Ideal to Launch Business Incubator in Charles

Southern Maryland Newspapers Online - May 3, 2013, By CRAIG J. RENNER

A new business incubator is coming to Charles County with the goal of turning numerous patent holders and innovators in our community and throughout Southern Maryland into growing, vibrant small businesses.

Madison County Secures Millions for BRAC Affected Schools in 3 Systems

WHNT.com - May 3, 2013, By David Wood

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — All three school systems in Madison County will benefit from $147 million in BRAC bonds over the next ten years.

Vieques Ponders Future 10 Years After US Navy Left

The Associated Press - May 1, 2013, By DANICA COTO

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — Thousands of activists on Wednesday celebrated the anniversary of the U.S. Navy's departure from the Puerto Rican island of Vieques 10 years ago, despite concerns that progress has been slow in cleaning up and developing a place many hoped would flourish.

Is U.S. Manufacturing Making a Comeback — or is it Just Hype?

The Washington Post - May 1, 2013, By Brad Plumer

It’s hardly news when a U.S. firm moves its manufacturing operations abroad to China. But what about when a Chinese company sets up a factory in the United States?

Wind Turbines Could Stall Military Pilot Training

Kinston.com - April 19, 2013, By Wes Wolfe

An F-15E Strike Eagle drops through the sky on a low-level training mission and encounters — a wind turbine.

With turbine blades reaching within 8 feet of F-15s on missions out of Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, the proposed Pantego Wind Energy project resulted in a serious risk.

Senior Defense Official Makes Case for BRAC to Congress

American Forces Press Service - April 12, 2013, By Amaani Lyle

WASHINGTON, April 12, 2013 – The acting deputy undersecretary of defense for installations and environment and his service branch counterparts presented their military construction budget requests to Capitol Hill legislators here today and made a case for another round of base realignment and closure.

Land Buy Seen as Way to Preserve MacDill

The Tampa Tribune - April 10, 2013, By Ted Jackovics

TAMPA - State Rep. Dana Young said Tuesday that a state task force to which she has just been named should be attentive to a potential encroachment issue that could threaten MacDill Air Force Base’s ranking in the next round of base closures.