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Analysis: How $600 Billion in Defense Cuts Affect Northwest Florida

Supercommittee budget failure has officials wondering what will happen here

pnj.com - November 26, 2011, By Travis Griggs

The deadline has passed and the supercommittee has failed, initiating $600 billion in automatic military spending cuts.

States Expect Budgetary Fallout from ‘Supercommittee’ Failure

The Washington Post - November 24, 2011, By Aaron C. Davis and Laura Vozzella

Funding cuts for school lunches, home energy assistance, child support enforcement, HIV care, Race to the Top grants and other government programs will come quicker than advertised following the failure this week of the congressional “supercommittee.”

Boeing: You Cut Defense, We May Close Wichita

TheStreet.com - November 23, 2011, By Ted Reed

CHICAGO -- Does a dysfunctional Congress really want to do battle with a determined defense industry?

Debt Failure Leaves Pentagon Budget in Limbo

Military.com - November 22, 2011, By Leo Shane III and Chris Carroll, Stars and Stripes

WASHINGTON -- As lawmakers squabble over whether to allow $600 billion in mandated defense funding cuts move ahead, Pentagon planners are left with the unenviable task of figuring out how to piece together a fiscal 2013 budget with little idea how much money they'll have available.

Expansion at Fort Lee Powering Growth for Area Small Businesses

Richmond Times-Dispatch - November 21, 2011, By Jacob Geiger

ETTRICK -- Fort Lee, the Army post in Prince George County, has gone from a target for closure to what some folks in the area call the logistics capital of the world.

Bliss to Trim Civilian Workforce

Some offered early retirement

El Paso Inc. - November 21, 2011, By Robert Gray, El Paso Inc. staff writer

Some of the 4,000 civilian employees who work at Fort Bliss have been handed early retirement offers, as post officials work to meet cost-cutting targets set by the Army.

Defense Officials Urge Communities to Plan for Mission Adjustments

Defense Communities - November 15, 2011

Local officials and their congressional representatives should play a large leadership role in helping communities plan for potential defense cuts, Office of Economic Adjustment Director Patrick O’Brien told Capitol Hill staff Tuesday.

Remarks by Secretary Panetta at Electric Boat in Groton, Conn.

U.S. Department of Defense, Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Public Affairs) - November 17, 2011

JOHN CASEY (president, General Dynamics Electric Boat): Good afternoon, everyone. It's great to see all of you out here today to greet Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta.

Defense Cuts: Small Business Feels It

CNBC - November 16, 2011, By Jane Wells, Correspondent

There are still some things made in America. Inside a massive building in Niles, Ohio, furnaces burning at temperatures of up to 4,000 degrees are melting titanium, a lightweight but strong metal which goes into airplanes, tanks, and artillery.

VA Beach Buys 18-Acre Property Near Naval Air Base

Purchase Part of Government-Funded Program Dedicated to Eliminating Encroachment on NAS Oceana

CoStar.com - November 16, 2011, By CoStar Research

The City of Virginia Beach recently paid $6 million to buy the London Bridge Commerce Center, an 18-acre mixed-used commercial property at 130 London Bridge Road in Virginia Beach.