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BRAC Savings Estimates Were Flawed, Report Says

Government Executive - March 8, 2013, By Charles S. Clark

The 2005 Base Closure and Realignment Commission may have achieved recurring annual savings, but flawed cost estimates produced a doubling of anticipated expenses, the Government Accountability Office reported on Thursday.

Transportation Center to Open at APG

The Baltimore Sun - March 8, 2013, By DAVID ANDERSON

APG, Harford County, working to give employees alternate transportation options

In the wake of a lengthy BRAC process that has brought more jobs – and traffic – to Harford County, a transportation assistance operation has been set up to help Aberdeen Proving Ground's 21,000 employees find alternative ways to get to work.

Gov. Scott Announces $2.6 Million in Defense Grants for Florida

Broward News - February 19, 2013, By Mark Young

TALLAHASSEE – Today, Governor Rick Scott announced the 2012-13 Florida Defense Support Task Force Grants. The grants, totaling $2.6 million, have been awarded to ten projects that serve to protect military installations and grow jobs and opportunities across the state.

Navy Selects Lemoore for F35 Fighter Base

The Business Journal - February 14, 2013, By John Lindt

The U.S. Navy has given a preliminary nod to basing the West Coast squadron of the next generation of stealth fighters at Naval Air Station, Lemoore, rather than El Centro near San Diego.

Birds Bedevil Military Pilots at MacDill, Nationwide

The Tampa Tribune - February 14, 2013, By Howard Altman

TAMPA -- On May 24, Royal Canadian Air Force Capt. Andrew Wetmore was preparing to land at MacDill Air Force Base in a Challenger jet when he saw three large birds ahead of him.

What happened next highlights a problem for military and civilian aviation worldwide, causing about 300 deaths and more than a half-billion dollars since the dawn of aviation, according to figures compiled by U.S. and Canadian military officials and a civilian pilots organization.

N.C. Coastal Land Trust Protects 678 Acres

Sun Journal (New Bern) - February 9, 2013

NEW BERN — North Carolina Coastal Land Trust added another 678 acres of protected land near military bases last week through a partnership with the state of North Carolina, the Marine Corps and the Navy. Luken’s Island peninsula in Carteret County, strategically located across Turnagain Bay from Cherry Point air station’s Piney Island Bombing Range, was placed in trust to protect the Marine Corps’ ability to keep flight paths clear around the main base in Havelock, along with the Auxiliary Outlying Landing Field at Bogue.

Defending Against Defense Cuts

USA Today - January 31, 2013, By Tim Mullaney

Communities Prep for Job Losses If a Big Employer Is Hit

Bridget Lauderdale remembers the broad green sea -- in the parking lot.

The Lockheed Martin executive was two years out of her internship when then-Defense secretary Dick Cheney killed the A-12 bomber. On Jan. 7, 1991, a unit of General Dynamics (the division is now part of Lockheed) responded by firing 4,000 workers here, in a one-day swoop as devastating as a bomber run.

Eckstrom Tells Military Base Leaders That South Carolina May Face a Perfect Storm of Budget Pressures

AP Newswire - January 29, 2013, By Susanne M. Schafer

Columbia, S.C. (AP) - Comptroller General Richard Eckstrom warned South Carolina's military base supporters that ongoing budget pressures could merge with future base closures and slash the military's presence in South Carolina.

Kansas Leaders Discuss Military's Future in State

The Topeka Capital-Journal - January 23, 2013, By JOHN MILBURN, Associated Press

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — The Governor's Military Council is preparing to make the case for maintaining the presence of the armed forces in Kansas ahead of likely widespread cuts in defense spending.

Governor Seeks $10 Million for WR Military ‘Gateway Center’

Macon Telegraph - January 22, 2013, By Maggie Lee

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal is asking the state Legislature to approve a $10 million school in Warner Robins that would offer academic credentials to members of the military to round out their armed services training and channel them into civilian work.