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Air Force Vice Chief Testifies on Readiness

Air Force Public Affairs Agency - October 31, 2011, By Senior Master Sgt. David Byron

10/31/2011 - WASHINGTON (AFNS) -- The Air Force vice chief of staff provided the Air Force perspective on readiness in an age of austerity to the House Armed Services Committee's Subcommittee on Readiness here Oct. 27.

The Dangerous Debate Over Cutting Military Spending

The Washington Post - October 30, 2011, By Robert J. Samuelson

We shouldn’t gut defense. A central question of our budget debates is how much we allow growing spending on social programs to crowd out the military and, in effect, force the United States into a dangerous, slow-motion disarmament.

In Downsizing Defense, Politics Trumps Strategy

CQ Weekly - October 29, 2011, By Megan Scully, CQ Staff

Pentagon officials are huddling behind closed doors to trim roughly $450 billion from the Defense Department’s budget over the next decade, and if history is any guide, the most frequent questions being asked are not about military missions, U.S. strategy over the next decades or what soldiers need to fight the next war. They’re about politics.

City Buys 18-Acre Commerce Center to Protect Oceana

City of Virginia Beach - October 28, 2011

The City of Virginia Beach on Thursday purchased the 18-acre London Bridge Commerce Center to protect Naval Air Station Oceana from incompatible business development.

Fort McPherson Gets "Opportunity Zone" Designation

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution - October 26, 2011, By Rachel Tobin

Fort McPherson, the former military base on Atlanta's Southside that closed last month, has been approved as Georgia’s third “opportunity zone” in the city's limits.

Defense Industry Says $1 Trillion Cut Equals 1 Million Lost Jobs

Businessweek - October 25, 2011, By Roxana Tiron

Oct. 25 (Bloomberg) -- The defense and aerospace industries are warning that the U.S. will lose 1 million jobs and $59.4 billion in wages and salaries tied to the their businesses if Congress’ supercommittee fails and automatic cuts are imposed.

Aiming For a Leaner, Meaner Military

Politico - October 23, 2011, By Charles Hoskinson

Pentagon leaders are hoping a mandate to cut at least $350 billion from the defense budget over the next 10 years won’t disrupt plans for a more agile, efficient and modern force that still can reach across the globe to deliver a crushing blow when needed.

Toolbox Topics: Development Review Web Tool & Peer Review of Projects in the AICUZ Footprint at NAS Fort Worth JRB

October 2011 - By: Rachel Wiggins, PE, CPLO, NAS Fort Worth JRB & Tamara Cook, AICP, Principal Transportation Planner, North Central Texas COG

In an effort to ensure land use compatibility near military installations, it is important that all stakeholders have a chance to be in the review process for new projects. If the review is timely, incompatible uses can be headed off or modified before the proponent has a big investment in the project. This sort of review can be difficult in the airfield environs, where the stakeholders include multiple communities and levels of government. For those communities and governments in the vicinity of Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base, a web-based tool has helped facilitate the review process.

Military Vets May Have Slight Edge in Tough Job Market

The Gazette - October 21, 2011, By TOM ROEDER

The unemployment rate hit nearly 12 percent in September nationwide for the youngest group of military veterans, but job seekers with military backgrounds may have a leg up on their civilian counterparts with some companies.

Defense Contracts Dwindle

Boston.com - October 21, 2011, By Hiawatha Bray, Globe Staff

Money from defense contracts, a mainstay of the Massachusetts and New England economies, is dwindling as America pulls troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. And military expenditures in the region could drop even more dramatically as the Defense Department confronts $400 billion in budget cuts and Congress seeks more reductions in the massive US budget deficit.