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Kansas Leaders Discuss Military's Future in State

The Topeka Capital-Journal - January 23, 2013, By JOHN MILBURN, Associated Press

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — The Governor's Military Council is preparing to make the case for maintaining the presence of the armed forces in Kansas ahead of likely widespread cuts in defense spending.

Governor Seeks $10 Million for WR Military ‘Gateway Center’

Macon Telegraph - January 22, 2013, By Maggie Lee

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal is asking the state Legislature to approve a $10 million school in Warner Robins that would offer academic credentials to members of the military to round out their armed services training and channel them into civilian work.

Senior Military Officials Order Trims as Pentagon Prepares for Shortfall

The Washington Post - January 22, 2013, By Ernesto Londoño

Bracing for the possibility of steep congressionally mandated budget cuts, senior military officials have issued directives for fiscal retrenchment that include a 30 percent cut for Army base operations this year, personnel reductions and a halt to unnecessary fighter jet swoops during special events.

McClellan Park Getting Additional Property in Return for Privatized Cleanup

Sacramento Business Journal - January 15, 2013, By Melanie Turner

Gov. Jerry Brown has approved the early transfer of another 528 acres from the U.S. Air Force to Sacramento County, which is turning it over to McClellan Business Park LLC for privatized cleanup.

Defense Plans Precautionary Cutbacks

The Washington Post - January 11, 2013, By Craig Whitlock

The Pentagon will impose a freeze on hiring civilians, slash operating costs on military bases and take other immediate steps to trim spending in preparation for the possibility that Congress will fail to reach a deal to avert billions of dollars in additional cuts, defense officials said Thursday.

Obama's Budget Is Running Late

Roll Call - January 8, 2013, By Paul Krawzak

The Obama administration’s fiscal 2014 budget is widely expected to arrive late on Capitol Hill, possibly not until sometime in March, primarily as a result of uncertainty created by fiscal cliff negotiations.

Defense Industry Fears Sequestration Delay Won't Stop Pentagon Cuts

The Hill - January 6, 2013, By Jeremy Herb

The defense industry is worried last week's budget deal on taxes could damage its negotiating position for the next “fiscal cliff” deadline two months from now, when across-the-board spending cuts would take effect.

Pentagon Faces Complex Battle Over New Sequestration Deadline

Stars and Stripes - January 4, 2013, By JOYCE TSAI

WASHINGTON – The last-minute scramble by Congress to avoid the fiscal cliff averted the doomsday scenario of sequestration cuts kicking in this week, but Pentagon officials are fully aware that the war is not over.

Interview: Brett Lambert, U.S. Defense Department's Industrial Policy Chief

Defense News - December 17, 2012, By Zachary Fryer-Biggs

Not long ago, the industrial base policy office at the Pentagon was relegated to afterthought status during years of booming defense spending. Allocation of resources takes a back seat when the money is seemingly unlimited. But with budgets facing a serious squeeze, industrial base policy has come roaring back as a critical component of defense strategy. Every major acquisition decision is now being considered through the prism of base impact, and every potential merger or acquisition carefully reviewed for possible harm to competition.

Ga. Makes New Push To Protect Military Bases

ArmyTimes - December 15, 2012, By Russ Bynum, Associated Press

SAVANNAH, Ga.--With nine bases contributing an estimated $20 billion to the state's economy each year, Georgia has good reason to want to protect its investment in the military--and good reason to be nervous about the coming years.