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91,000 Jobs In Texas At Risk If Deals Not Reached

San Antonio Express-News - June 25, 2012, By Gary Martin

WASHINGTON — The alarm is sounded. More than 1 million defense-related jobs — including 91,000 in Texas — could be lost if Congress fails to act on budget deals to forestall across-the-board cuts, Obama administration officials and lawmakers have warned.

Congress Won’t Let Panetta Close Bases

The Washington Times - June 21, 2012, By Rowan Scarborough

Proponents see politics at play

Congress is poised to deliver a defeat to the Obama administration on one of its main defense policies in the new budget - base closings.

Defense Cuts Could Further Dim US Jobs Picture

MSNBC - June 21, 2012, By Eve Tahmincioglu

As the war in Afghanistan winds down, the impact on the nation’s employment picture goes beyond veterans returning home who are looking for work.

Arizona's Defense Industry Bracing for Big Cutbacks

KTAR Arizona - June 21, 2012, By Jim Cross

PHOENIX -- Up to $500 billion in automatic defense cuts could take effect in January if congressional leaders can't reach a deficit reduction deal, according to Reuters.

Former Navy Base in Transformation to Renewable Energy Hub

Bangor Daily News - June 21, 2012, By Christopher Cousins

BRUNSWICK, Maine — The former Brunswick Naval Air Station could become a center for the research and development of green energy solutions that benefit tenants at the former base with lower electricity costs if plans that have been in the works for several years move forward.

Dempsey Maps Sequestration Cuts At Defense

GovExec.com - June 19, 2012, By Andrew Lapin

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey said Tuesday that automatic cuts to the Defense Department’s budget resulting from the sequestration deal struck by the Obama administration and Congress would have to come from military operations, maintenance, training and modernization.

Lockheed CEO: Budget Impasse Will Cause Long-Term Damage to Defense Industry

National Defense Magazine - June 19, 2012, By Sandra Erwin

The federal budget stalemate that began nine months ago and might not be resolved until after the November election is likely to cause lasting damage to the defense industry, said Robert J. Stevens, chairman and CEO of Lockheed Martin Corp.

Dead in Congress, BRAC Very Much Alive in Connecticut

The Connecticut Mirror - June 14, 2012, By Ana Radelat

Washington -- While Connecticut's congressional delegation says another round of base closings is dead on arrival, supporters of the Navy's submarine base in the Groton area already on the defensive.

U.S. Sequestration Won’t Happen, Levin Predicts

DefenseNews - June 14, 2012, By Rick Maze

The U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee chairman predicted June 14 that Congress will find a way to avoid automatic budget cuts in January that could hurt national security, but he added that any ultimate budget agreement won’t leave the U.S. Defense Department unscathed.

Layoff Threats Put Congress on Notice

POLITICO - June 13, 2012, By Austin Wright

Facing economic uncertainty, defense contractors are plotting to spur Congress to nix the automatic budget cuts set to begin next year.