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The information below is for general awareness only and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Office of Economic Adjustment or the Department of Defense as a whole.

Virginia receives $5.4 million in Community Planning Assistance Funds

August 25, 2015 – Augusta Free Press

Governor Terry McAuliffe announced Monday that Virginia has been awarded $5.4 million in federal Community Planning Assistance Funds from the Department of Defense Office of Economic Adjustment.


Kentucky Military Agency Receives $600k Federal Grant for Economic Research

August 24, 2015 – wkms 91.3 fm (Murray State’s NPR Station), By Parker Franklin

The Kentucky Commission on Military Affairs has received a $618,437 federal grant to help explore defense-related economic opportunities statewide.


Connecting Education, Workforce Data Key To Strong State Labor Markets

August 24, 2015 – National Governors Association

WASHINGTON—Using data to track recent graduates in the workforce helps ensure postsecondary education institutions are preparing graduates for successful careers, according to a report released today by the National Governors Association (NGA).


Air Force’s ‘Flying Gas Stations’ Still Pumping After More Than 50 Years

August 23, 2015 – Northwest News Network (Oregon Public Broadcasting), By Tom Banse

The Boeing Company built more than 700 KC-135 Stratotankers for the Air Force in the 1950s to the mid-1960’s. The majority of these “flying gas stations” are still flying today.


How small-business growth and entrepreneurship have powered New Orleans

August 21, 2015 – Politico, By Mitch Landrieu, Mayor, City of New Orleans

Nearly 10 years ago, Hurricane Katrina shone a spotlight on the major challenges the greater New Orleans region had been facing for decades: high poverty, structural unemployment, major population declines, a non-diversified economy and migrating businesses. All this meant that in the 40 years preceding, the area had underperformed the national average in job creation by more than 40 percent.


Public invited to comment on use of land surrounding Stones Ranch

August 19, 2015 – The Day, By Kimberly Drelich

A study will consider how the Stones Ranch Military Reservation and its three neighboring towns can plan for the future, without impeding each other’s growth.


Worldwide Troop Talk with Secretary of Defense Ash Carter

August 19, 2015 – U.S. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter’s Facebook Page

Join me LIVE on Sept 1 from 0900-1000 EDT for my very first Worldwide Troop Talk. For one hour I will take questions from across the globe via social media. Ask your questions in the comments section below with #AskSecDef or email your questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . The Troop Talk will stream live on Defense.gov and I will answer as many questions as I can in the allotted time. Looking forward to speaking with you.


Ben Bernanke, Michael O’Hanlon and Mark Muro on the future of defense spending and its economic impacts

August 18, 2015 – Brookings, By Alison Burke

At just over 3 percent of gross domestic product, total U.S. military spending is almost $600 billion a year, constitutes around 5 percent of total national industrial output, and accounts for a major share of the economy in certain regions across the U.S., including as much as 13 percent in Virginia and about 6 percent in the DC/Maryland area.


The Secret Ingredient to Building Entrepreneurship Right Where You Are

August 17, 2015 – U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, By Michael Hendrix

To find the most entrepreneurial regions in America, look to the country’s coasts and mountains. Florida, the Pacific Coast, and certain regions along the Rockies top a recent study’s search for the most entrepreneurial places in America. The authors looked at the culture that makes these regions tick, finding a strong correlation with startup formation when combined with large stores of human capital and diverse economies.


PHOTOS: The Navy's abandoned buildings at SouthField in Weymouth

August 13, 2015 – Wicked Local Weymouth, By Bradford Randall

WEYMOUTH – For 55 years, Naval Air Station South Weymouth operated as a fully functioning airfield until the Base Realignment and Closure Commission recommended the station shutter operations in 1995. The facility was fully closed in 1997 and, for several years afterward, was plagued by stalled efforts to redevelop the site.