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The information below is for general awareness only and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Office of Economic Adjustment or the Department of Defense as a whole.

LT. Gov. Kay Ivey Appointed Co-Chair National Military Affairs Committee

Alabama Lieutenant Governors Office - August 21, 2013

Lieutenant Governor Kay Ivey has been tapped to Co-Chair the National Lieutenant Governor's Association (NLGA) State Strategies in Military Affairs committee by NLGA Chair Oklahoma Lieutenant Governor Todd Lamb.


Gov. Scott Signs Off to Buy Land for Eglin Buffer

Northwest Florida Daily News - August 20, 2013, By LAUREN SAGE REINLIE

Gov. Rick Scott and the Florida Cabinet gave their final stamp of approval Tuesday to the purchase of a nearly 21,000-acre buffer for Eglin Air Force Base at a ceremony in Tallahassee.


Tale Of Two Boeings

Long Beach Press-Telegram - August 20, 2013, By Muhammed El-Hasan

Long Beach: Growth in commercial aviation unit comes as C-17 assembly plant is busy but struggling

While an important economic engine for Long Beach, Boeing has brought uncertainty as well as prosperity to the community.


Small Firms Feel First Bite of DoD Budget Cuts as Large Contractors' Stock Soars

Federal News Radio - July 31, 2013, By Jared Serbu

Just four months after the start of sequestration and with uncertainty persisting about whether the spending caps will stay in place, observers in the Pentagon and in industry say it's too early to quantify exactly how the cuts have impacted the Defense industrial base. But at least one thing's certain: If you're the CEO of a Defense contractor, how worried you are correlates closely with the size of your company.


Hagel Presses Congress with Grim Alternatives to Sequestration

Defense One - July 31, 2013, By Stephanie Gaskell

With the results of a months-long blue ribbon strategy review in hand, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel offered up a defense budget scenario that he claimed lies somewhere "in between" President Obama's fiscal 2014 request and sequestration by cutting $250 billion over the next 10 years. But Hagel warned that any solvent budget will require Congress and the White House to come up with a compromise on how to align the department's national security strategy with a tighter fiscal outlook.


Pentagon Review Reveals Best, Worst Case, Hagel Says

American Forces Press Service - July 31, 2013, By Karen Parrish

WASHINGTON, July 31, 2013 - The Pentagon will reduce funding for major headquarters by a fifth, will seek to trim allowances and limit pay raises, and could cut troop numbers and new weapons programs as it plans for what Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel today called "unprecedented budget uncertainty."


Liberty Station is a San Diego Success Story

The San Diego Union-Tribune - July 27, 2013, By Wayne Raffesberger

Twenty years ago this month, the sky was falling economically in San Diego. After a nasty recession in the early 1990s that was particularly devastating to local industries, along came the BRAC (Base Realignment and Closure) process.


The Sequester Will Lift, Not Cut, Defense Costs

National Journal - July 25, 2013, By Sara Sorcher

As manufacturers lose orders and lay off employees, the price of top weapons programs will rise. The anatomy of the F-35 shows why.

In retrospect, Bob Stevens was overselling. Last summer, to help motivate lawmakers to undo the sequester, Lockheed Martin’s then-CEO warned that the impending cuts might force him to lay off 10,000 of the defense giant’s 120,000 employees. That never happened. But Lockheed, which reported $39 billion in net sales last year from government contracts, supports a giant ecosystem of subcontractors that provide parts and technology for Pentagon programs. How would the budget cuts affect them?


Navy Study on Walter Reed Lays Out Traffic Impact

Maryland Community News - July 23, 2013, By Agnes Blum, Staff writer

The Navy released its two-volume final environmental impact statement regarding the effect of two construction projects at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center campus in Bethesda on Friday.


Hagel Says Budget Cuts Hurt Military Readiness

The Fayetteville Observer - July 15, 2013, By The Associated Press

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — Federal budget cuts are damaging the military's current and future readiness, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel told a town hall-style gathering at Fort Bragg on Monday.

Speaking to more than 100 soldiers and civilian workers, Hagel told the audience that the cuts are more dramatic than in past years.