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The information below is for general awareness only and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Office of Economic Adjustment or the Department of Defense as a whole.

BEA’s Statistics on How Industries Perform Each Quarter Provide Insight into U.S.’ Economic Recovery

March 11, 2015 – U.S. Department of Commerce

Thanks to a new set of (Bureau of Economic Analysis) BEA data, you can now find out how the economic recovery that began in the summer of 2009 is affecting America’s industries each quarter.


Cities Make the Sharing Economy Work: New Report on Sharing Economy Examines Impact on U.S. Cities

March 10, 2015 – National League of Cities

WASHINGTON - From innovation to equity to safety, the sharing economy is impacting cities in a variety of ways that communities do business. The National League of Cities (NLC) today released a new report, Cities, the Sharing Economy and What’s Next, analyzing how the sharing economy impacts five key areas: innovation, economic development, equity, safety and implementation. The report builds on NLC’s efforts to help city leaders better understand, encourage and regulate the growing sharing economy.


Study seeks to improve communication between Dahlgren base, locals

March 9, 2015 – The Free Lance-Star, By Cathy Dyson

FREDERICKSBURG, Va. (Tribune News Service) — Just as the Navy base in Dahlgren has a big impact on the communities around it, new homes and businesses around the base—and the traffic they generate—could interfere with the mission of the military installation.


Success Story: Wellson’s Next Chapter

March 2015 Newsletter – U.S. Economic Development Administration

You’ve heard this story a million times. Business locates in American city. Business creates jobs and a boon for the local economy. Life is good until business closes its doors. Unemployment runs rampant. City falls into disrepair. People flee the city. Crime gets bad, which keeps business and people from coming back to city. Sadly for some cities, that is the end of the story. Luckily for the people of Wellston, Missouri, a city located just west of St. Louis, there is another chapter.


Lawmakers say Pentagon shouldn't expect new spending

March 4, 2015 – The Hill, By Martin Matishak

Republicans and Democrats on a key House committee hold little hope that a deal will be struck to do away with spending caps that limit Defense Department spending.


Pentagon: Another BRAC will save money

March 3, 2015 – Military Times, By Leo Shane, III

Pentagon planners have a new pitch to lawmakers skeptical of a fresh round of base closings: We promise we’ll save money this time.


Reed Joins Carter in Supporting BRAC Request

March 3, 2015 – Association of Defense Communities

Jack Reed (D-R.I.), ranking member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, indicated at a hearing Tuesday that he may support another round of base closures.


Fort Leonard Wood Community, Officials Rally in Support of Army Base

March 3, 2015 – KBIA, By Scott Harvey

Members of Missouri’s Congressional delegation, dozens of the state’s lawmakers and statewide office holders, plus hundreds of citizens gathered at Fort Leonard Wood Monday to boost the credentials of the Army base and attempt to save it from potential job cuts.


Sequestration will have a “significant negative impact on Fort Drum”, warns Rep. Stefanik

March 03, 2015 – GroundReport, By Robert Tilford

On March 2, 2015 Rep.Stefanik of New York made comment on the issue of Sequestration and military readiness. Saying that sequestration will have a devastating effect on Ft. Drum – home of the 10th Mountain Division.


Nextdoor Social Network Digs Deep Into Neighborhoods

March 3, 2015 – The New York Times, By Mike Isaac

Internet companies have been trying desperately for years to court people like Isaac Gonzalez to use their services.