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Boone National Guard Center, Kentucky

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Military Mission

The Boone National Guard Center (BNGC) serves as the headquarters for the Kentucky Army National Guard and is located in central Franklin County at the western edge of the city of Frankfort. The center consists of approximately 655 acres. Immediately adjacent to the center is the Army Aviation Support Facility and the Capital City Airport, which is operated by the Kentucky Department of Transportation. The BNGC hosts a number of tenants, including the 63rd Aviation Group, the Headquarters State Area Command, the Recon Air Interdiction Detachment and Detachment 11, and the Operations Support Aircraft. In addition, the BNGC is home to the state’s emergency management facility.

Joint Land Use Study Planning Process

The BNGC staff identified issues that could potentially impact the aviation mission of the center, such as incompatible development in the accident potential zones near the eastern boundary, as well as residential and commercial development adjacent to the center’s boundaries. In September 2006, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Installations and Housing) nominated the BNGC for a Joint Land Use Study (JLUS). The City of Frankfort and Franklin County Planning Commission, in partnership with representatives from the Kentucky Army National Guard and the BNGC, established a JLUS Policy Committee, which is responsible for managing the study process. The policy committee is proceeding through the JLUS process and anticipates completing the study by mid-year 2012.

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