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Interactive Maps and Data

The interactive maps and data tables show you where OEA is assisting communities by allowing you to quickly and easily look up information about a particular installation (military base) or community.

The default view contains a map of the North America on the right.  A list of military installations and the associated state and military service type for each installation are displayed on the left.

Default Interactive Map and Data View

Data and Map View

You can view specific installation information by clicking on the installation’s name from the data list or by clicking on a location on the map. Click on View Contact Card after clicking on a specific installation’s name to view detailed information of a selected installation.

Selecting a base from the data list
Contact Card View

The detailed information of each installation is available in this view. You can see specific installation information by clicking on the View Contact Card button after clicking on the installation name from the data list.

Contact Card View
Map Navigation

You can navigate the installation map by clicking, holding, and dragging the mouse cursor. The symbols on the map represent military installations from different services. Click on any of the symbols on the map to zoom into the base location and see the contact information for that installation. Double-clicking on any part of the map will zoom in on the space. The map can be viewed in Map, Terrain, Satellite without labels, or Satellite with labels formats.

Map ViewTerrain ViewSatellite No Label ViewSatellite With Label View
Reset Map Button

At any time, you can revert the map view back to the default view by clicking on the Reset Map button.

Reset Map Button
Print Friendly Version Button

You can print a selected installation's detailed information by clicking on the Print Friendly Version button.

Printer Friendly ButtonPrint Screen