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Economic Indicators (Research and Technical Assistance) Applicant Selected

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Office of Economic Adjustment has selected Chmura Economic and Analytics, LLC (Chmura) to enter into a cooperative agreement in response to the notice published on July 15, 2013 in the Federal Register.  A summary of Chmura's scope of work is listed below.

Scope of Work

The goal of the Economic Indicators (Research and Technical Assistance) project is to provide information to the Office of Economic Adjustment (OEA) customer base on:

  1. Adjusted monthly and quarterly economic data for approximately 80 communities with defense impacts
  2. Support a national baseline for predetermined economic indicators.

This information was and will continue to be developed with and for the affected communities and posted on www.defensecommunitydata.com to further assist OEA’s community, state, and other customers in the coordination and delivery of adjustment assistance.

Starting in February 2013, Chmura will carry forward the process of delivering and updating economic indicators that exist on the current site managed by the University of Illinois - Chicago, www.defensecommunitydata.com.  There will be a seamless continuation of regional data for the 27 Defense-impacted communities listed in the Federal Register notice dated July 15, 2013. Similar regional data will be available for up to 53 additional Defense-impacted communities to be determined by OEA.  Data will include an array of housing, industrial and business, and human capital indicators that will be adapted and refined to fit local conditions and adjusted periodically to allow real-time monitoring and assessment in each community. The combination of locally specific information with indicators collected in common across the base communities will illustrate the degree of potential vulnerability and resilience of each community in adjusting to changes in military expenditures as well as the broader economy. All data will be assembled into a database that can be easily updated and used by OEA’s customer base and modified to encompass additional communities.