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U.S. mayors group: For the first time in the recovery, every metro will see job growth

January 21, 2015 — Washington Post — By Niraj Chokshi

Each of the nation’s 363 metropolitan areas are expected to see job growth this year, a first in the post-recession era.

More importantly, roughly 7 in 8 of those metro areas are expected to see growth above 1 percent, according to an economic forecast produced for the U.S. Conference of Mayors by IHS Global Insight. Last year, 58 percent of metros saw job growth above one percent, while 14 percent of metros saw the number of jobs shrink.

Despite the good news for this year, the nation’s metros have not totally escaped the grasp of the recession.

“A significant number of metros, however, have still to regain their lost jobs from the recession,” the group notes in the report. “At the start of 2015, 164 metros (45%) had returned to their previous, pre-recession, peak levels of employment. By yearend 2015, 199 metros (55%) will have regained their peak number of jobs.”

Map of the U.S. showing predictions on when each metro region will return to peak, pre-recession employment levels.

Predictions on when each metro area will return to peak, pre-recession employment levels. (United States Conference of Mayors)


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