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Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia

Sunrise view of main entrance at MCB Quantico

Military Mission

Marine Corps Base (MCB) Quantico is located 35 miles south of Washington, D.C. along the I-95 corridor, and surrounds the town of Quantico, Virginia. The MCB Quantico complex consists of 60,314 acres of land, 55,148 of which are Department of Defense-owned. This land falls across three Virginia counties: Stafford County (55% of acreage), Prince William County (40% of acreage), and Fauquier County (5% acreage). The Federal Bureau of Investigation and Drug Enforcement Administration occupy 500 acres under long-term real estate use agreements.

MCB Quantico consists of three operations and training areas including the main cantonment area, Marine Corps Air Facility Quantico, and Range Training Area (RTA). The main cantonment area is used for Marine Corps officer training and hosts several tenant commands. The Air Facility supports HMX-1, a helicopter transport squadron, as well as other logistical flight operations. The RTA complex supports aviation and ground training and contains three airspace-restricted areas and three demolition Military Operating Areas surrounded by the counties of Stafford, Fauquier, and Prince William.

The Marine Corps’ predominant concern with respect to encroachment is community development near RTA high noise areas where explosives are detonated, including artillery and close air support. In areas west and southwest of the RTA, there are existing and proposed single-family residential homes near the high noise areas. Increased residential and commercial development as well as potential noise complaints in these neighborhoods could have an adverse impact on military training and operations. Additionally, MCB Quantico is concerned with obstruction heights from new development that may interfere with aircraft approach and departure routes, shared airspace use with the Stafford Regional Airport, and Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection issues related to the proximity of the Base to the Virginia Rail Express train station.

Joint Land Use Study Planning Process

The Navy nominated MCB Quantico as a candidate for the Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) Program in June 2011. The November 2009 MCB Quantico Air Installation Compatible Use Zone study and the August 2006 Range Compatible Use Zones study will serve as the basis for the JLUS.

The Stafford, Prince William, and Fauquier County Boards of Supervisors each passed resolutions supporting a JLUS for MCB Quantico. Stafford County, as the JLUS sponsor, has organized the JLUS Policy Committee, which will consist of officials from the three counties, MCB Quantico, and the Commonwealth of Virginia. The JLUS is projected to get underway in late 2012. The primary goals of the JLUS are to address and prevent further incompatible development near MCB Quantico and the RTA, and to protect Marine Corps officer training, Presidential helicopter transport, and other tenant command operations. To achieve these goals, the Base hopes to work cooperatively with the three counties to undertake a comprehensive and cooperative planning effort to promote compatible community growth while supporting the military’s training and operational missions at MCB Quantico.

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