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Marketing & Financing


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EDA's Defense Adjustment Infrastructiure Bonds CDA, Inc
The money available to LRAs for infrastructure investment has often times been inadequate for the task at hand. This situation has impacted the way LRAs are working to solve today’s redevelopment opportunities. This report investigates the use of bonds and other long term capital assets for redevelopment.
Friday Aug 7, 2009 Download
Marketing Strategies for Base Reuse
The purpose of this bulletin is to provide guidance to communities and redevelopment organizations responsible for marketing former military base properties. The document focuses on concepts and strategies applicable to base reuse marketing and how communities can go beyond reactive responses to reuse inquiries and selling of available real estate, to create demand and new life for former military bases.
Friday Aug 7, 2009 Download
NGA: State Financing Strategies to Address the Economic Impacts of BRAC
This document outlines strategies for state governments to receive funding as they address the economic impact of BRAC from the base closure/downsizing and mission growth perspectives. Besides including strategies, the document also contains information on how infrastructure, business, and workforce development fit into the overall financing plan.
Thursday Aug 27, 2009 Download