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Property Disposal


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Converting Closed Military Bases to Centers for Education and Vocation Training
This Community Guidance Manual focuses on converting all or part of closing military bases to centers for education a vocational training. Topics covered include the Federal Public Benefit Conveyance Process, post-1988 BRAC Case Studies and Lessons Learned, and BRAC Community Conversions to Education Centers.
Friday Aug 7, 2009 Download
OEA's Guidance Manual On Converting Military Airfields To Civil Airports
This manual provides information and procedural guidance to local communities on converting former military airfields to public civilian aviation use. Topics covered include the process of converting former military airfield property to civilian use, the role and assistance available from the Federal Aviation Administration, and success stories from communities that have made this conversion.
Friday Aug 7, 2009 Download
Options for Base Housing Reuse

This community guidance manual provides advice on identifying new uses for former military housing that meets the needs and priorities of local communities. This publication helps communities develop a plan and take action before these housing structures deteriorate. Best practices from past communities are also included in this publication.

Friday Aug 7, 2009 Download
Proposed Rules for BRAC Property Disposal
This document provides a summary of the changes to the Federal rules governing environmental requirements of specific DoD policy related to BRAC property disposal. A full text of the changes is included in this document.
Friday Aug 7, 2009 Download
Public Benefit Transfer Memorandum Of Agreement (PBT MOA)
This document outlines the MOA for a number of Federal agencies and the Department of Defense regarding the transfer of property, cleaning up hazardous waste, and the role each organization has in this process.
Friday Aug 7, 2009 Download