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Past BRAC Experiences

Reports and studies of prior base redevelopment and closures


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Base Reuse Success Stories
Thirteen success stories from base redevelopment projects from the 1988, 1991, 1993, and 1995 BRAC rounds are included in this document. These success stories provide a description of the processes local, state, and federal stakeholders used to overcome redevelopment obstacles, and replace jobs and revenue lost by base closure.
Friday Aug 7, 2009 Download
Base Reutilization Status – 1988, 1991, 1993, and 1995 BRAC Action

Economic Activity Survey results from past base closures and realignments as of December 31, 2007

Wednesday Sep 29, 2010 Download
California Military Base Reuse
This document provides case studies for 30 major BRAC actions in California since 1988. Each case study provides an overview of the history, current issues, challenges and success for property transfers at California’s closed military facilities. Additional information on environmental regulatory process and cleanup, economic impact of base closures, institutional controls, early transfer process, and public participation is also provided.
Friday Aug 7, 2009 Download
Economic Transition of BRAC Sites
Recognizing that BRAC sites range in size and scope of the transition, OEA published this report to showcase best practices, highlight success, and provide the results of an economic activity survey.
Friday Aug 7, 2009 Download
Focus Group Study: "Feedback from the Field"
This document contains comprehensive feedback on how the community adjustment process worked for the beneficiaries of the program, including the overall program of assistance. The report collected BRAC best practices and lessons learned from key redevelopment practitioners – Local Redevelopment Authorities (LRAs), former and current elected officials, and private sector developers from focus groups in Washington, D.C., St. Louis, Missouri, and Sacramento, California.
Friday Aug 7, 2009 Download
From Barracks to Business: The MIT Report on Base Redevelopment
In 1995, the MIT Project on Base Redevelopment began a nationwide study of how local communities responded when the federal government closed their bases. The project visited 26 installations over a four-year period and augmented these field studies with secondary information on 95 major installations affected by BRAC actions. This report summarizes these findings.
Wednesday Oct 21, 2009 Download
GAO - Military Base Closures: Progress in Completing Actions from Prior Realignments & Closures, 02

This April 2002 report addresses the magnitude of the net savings from the prior four closures rounds and the impact of remaining closure-related costs on future savings, the DoD’s progress in transferring unneeded base property to other users, and the economic recovery of communities affected by base closures.

Friday Aug 7, 2009 Download
GAO - Military Base Closures: Updated Status of Prior Base Realignments & Closures, 05

The January 2005 report to Congress updates the unemployment, economic growth, and average income for communities impacted by prior BRAC rounds. Additionally, the report looks at the status of transferring land from the military to local communities for re-use.

Friday Aug 7, 2009 Download
GAO - Military Bases: Status of Prior Base Realignment & Closure Rounds, 98

This December 1998 report addresses the DoD’s progress in completing BRAC recommendations and transferring unneeded base property to other users, the precision of DoD’s estimates of BRAC costs and savings, environmental cleanup progress and estimated associate costs, and economic recovery trends in communities impacted by base closures.

Friday Aug 7, 2009 Download
Renaissance - New Life for Former Military Bases
Documenting BRAC successes across the United States, this document showcases the positive transformation communities are making. Local communities can benefit from the identified keys to success and examples throughout the publication.
Friday Aug 7, 2009 Download