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Mission Growth

Resources for communities undergoing Growth issues


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Final NGA Working Group Report: Mission Growth Recommendations
This document focuses on how states are trying to use federal programs and resources to address workforce development, education, and transportation burdens of impacted states. This Mission Growth Working Group Paper offers a series of recommendations to the federal government to assist states confront these issues.
Friday Aug 7, 2009 Download
Growth Communities POC List
Contact information for growth management organizations based on location is included in this document.
Friday Aug 7, 2009 Download
Impact of Military Mission Growth on States and Local Educational Agencies

Approximately 75,000 military dependent students will relocate to new schools by 2011 as a result of BRAC alone, creating an influx of students in some states. This paper summarizes the challenges and limited federal options available to states and schools to meet the pending school facilities needs.

Friday Aug 7, 2009 Download
Managing Community Growth, Technical Bulletin 5

This publication assists communities in developing the appropriate organizations, relationships, and plans to successfully handle the impact of relocating DoD personnel to their communities.

Thursday Aug 27, 2009 Download
Project Needs Assessment (PNA) – September 2009 Snapshot
Assessment of the continuing funding gap for local Economic Adjustment Projects
Wednesday Aug 17, 2011 Download


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