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The Environment and Base Redevelopment

There are numerous tools available to ensure redevelopment can occur in a timely and environmentally sustainable manner. The National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) scoping, early transfers, Environmental Condition of Property (ECP), work with insurance products, collaboration with regulators and threatened and endangered species will be among the topics covered.


Title Created On Download
Brownfield Case Study: Oakland Army Base - Remediation and Reuse - Speaker: Steven Kleiman

Presentation by Andrew Clough, Environmental and Engineering Services Manager, Oakland Base Reuse Authority

Monday Nov 30, 2009 Download
Environment: Cleanup and Reuse at BRAC Sites - Speaker: Vic Wieszek

Presentation by Mr. Vic Wieszek of the Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense(Installations and Environment), Office of Environmental Management, May 3, 2006

Monday Nov 30, 2009 Download
EPA’s Role in Base Closures and Realignments - Speaker: James E. Woolford

Presentation by James E. Woolford, Director, Federal Facilities Restoration and Reuse Office, Environmental Protection Agency, May 3, 2006

Monday Nov 30, 2009 Download
Federal Stewardship and BRAC - Speaker: Edwin Pinero

Presentation by Edwin Piñero of Federal Environmental Executive, BRAC Conference, May 3, 2006

Monday Nov 30, 2009 Download