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Economic Adjustment Committee (EAC)

Resources and documents related to the Economic Adjustment Committee


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EAC Catalog of Federal Assistance

 Updated EAC catalog of federal assistance for impacted communities.

Friday Oct 2, 2009 Download
EAC Senior Leadership Visit to Fort Bragg (September 2010)
Thursday May 5, 2011 Download
EAC's 2006 Report To The President

President's Economic Adjustment Committee's (EAC) 2006 report to the President describing the work of the EAC during the fiscal year ending September 30, 2006.

Friday Oct 2, 2009 Download
Economic Adjustment Committee Implementation Plan: Supporting the Preferred Alternative for the Relocation of Marine Corps Forces to Guam
On behalf of the twenty-two federal agencies that comprise the President's Economic Adjustment Committee (EAC), we are pleased to present this Implementation Plan for necessary adjustments in local public infrastructure to support the relocation of Marine Corps forces to the Territory of Guam.
Tuesday Nov 24, 2015 Download


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EAC Education Growth Site Visits

Under the auspices of the EAC, senior leaders from OEA, and the Department of Defense Office of Military Community and Family Policy, Army Headquarters, and U.S. Department of Education completed six site visits to a representative sample of mission-growth locations (Fort Benning, Fort Bliss, Fort Bragg, Fort Carson, Fort Drum, and Fort Riley) to better understand the specific education issues arising from mission growth; improve communication across cognizant Federal sources of assistance; and identify gaps and/or lags in capacities to respond. These documents here are the findings to date which have been shared with the cognizant Federal agencies, Executive Offices of the President, and Congress.

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