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Official Documents, Letters, and Memos

Documents, letters, and memorandums issued by Department of Defense, Office of Economic Adjustment, and others.


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DoD & U.S. Department Of Education Memorandum Of Agreement
This memo of understanding establishes the framework for collaboration between the Department of Defense and the Department of Education to address the quality of education and the unique challenges faced by children of military families. Additionally, this memo provides a mechanism to assist communities and local educational agencies as they prepare for projected increases in “military dependent students” at military installations.
Friday Aug 7, 2009 Download
MC&FP’s Update to the Report on Assistance to Local Educational Agencies

This report outlines the assistance to local educational agencies (LEA) experiencing growth and/or decline in the enrollment of military students because of force structure changes, relocation of military units, or the closure or realignment of military installations under the defense base closure laws. This report includes identification of the number of students impacted, recommendations for OEA to assist, and planned outreach efforts to impacted LEAs.

Friday Aug 7, 2009 Download
No-Cost Economic Development Conveyance (EDC) Policy Guidance
The ability for the DoD to transfer property to Local Redevelopment Authorities (LRAs) for consideration at or below estimated fair market value to spur economic redevelopment and growth is called Economic Development Conveyance. This memo outlines the policies for the conveyance of real and personal property and the modification of existing EDC agreements under the no-cost EDC authority.
Monday Oct 19, 2009 Download
Office of Management and Budget Stimulus Guidance
Thursday Nov 12, 2009 Download
Section 2821 (HR 106-301) No Cost Economic Development Conveyance (EDC)
The text of this legislation is related to the economic development conveyances of base closure property
Friday Aug 7, 2009 Download
Section 2821 (HR 106-945) EDC 7 Year Clarification
The text of this legislation deals with the scope of agreements to transfer property to Redevelopment Authorities without consideration under the Base Closure Laws.
Friday Aug 7, 2009 Download


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