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Marines Move Detailed: 2,000 Stationed, 3,000 Rotational

Guampdn.com - May 1, 2012

About 3,000 of the Marines who are expected to move to Guam will be rotational, but approximately 2,000 who will be stationed on island will be higher-ranking, higher-earning Marines who are under the command of a one-star general.

These details were stated yesterday by Mark Calvo, the governor's buildup director, who added that a recent announcement on the Marine move has shed new light on the level of troops that will come to Guam.

It also has been made clear that about 60 percent of the Marines who move to Guam will be rotational, Calvo said.

A higher-ranking Marine force most likely would have a more positive economic impact, Calvo said. When the buildup shrank from 8,600 Marines earlier this year, it seemed more likely the smaller Marine force would be led by a colonel, but the buildup announcement that came last week brought unexpected news, Calvo said.

The announcement said the renegotiated troop relocation plan will spread Okinawa Marines across the Pacific, but Guam will receive the 3rd Marine Expeditionary Brigade Headquarters, plus others.

"Now we are talking -- which is great news -- that the Marine Expeditionary Brigade is commanded by a one-star Marine Corps general," Calvo said. "And a significantly higher ranking group."

The 5,000 Guam-bound Marines also will include the 4th Marine Regiment, which Calvo said is commanded by a colonel, and aviation, ground and support units from the Marines who remain in Okinawa.

According to a military biography, the Marine Expeditionary Brigade currently is led by Brig. Gen. Craig Timberlake, who also is the deputy commander of the entire Okinawa Marine force.

Calvo said a one-star general and the command structure that would accompany him "translates to permanency and long-time growth" compared to rotational Marines who might not have "as great a sense of belonging."

He said stationed Marines have the opportunity to participate in community events, buy cars and even a home.


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