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McDonnell to End 2 Agencies, 19 Boards; Dozens More to be Merged in New Government Reform Plan

The Washington Post - November 29, 2011, By Associated Press

RICHMOND, Va. — Gov. Bob McDonnell says he will eliminate two state agencies and 19 boards and commissions and consolidate more than two dozen more through mergers as part of his two-year government reform initiative.

The Republican administration says the realignment of executive branch agencies, boards and commissions will save at least $2 million annually.

If the Republican-ruled General Assembly approves, the Virginia National Defense Industrial Authority and the Board of Towing and Recovery operators are history.

Among the 19 targeted boards and commissions would be the Public Broadcasting Board, the Transportation Safety Board and the Board of Mineral Mining Examiners.

Mergers will consolidate 23 boards and commissions into 11. And hair braiders and mold inspectors are among three professions the state would no longer regulate.

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