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Study: Defense spending means 56,000 Indiana jobs

Associated Press - October 7, 2011

A new report says that federal military and security spending resulted in $4.4 billion in contracts for Indiana companies last year, although analysts expect sites across the state will face more competition with expected Defense Department budget cuts.

The report by Indiana University's Indiana Business Research Center credits that defense contract spending and the state's military bases with supporting about 56,000 jobs.

Researcher Tim Slaper says companies will need flexibility to meet the military's changing needs in the coming years.

The Herald-Times reports (http://bit.ly/pdHLWu) the new commander of southern Indiana's Crane Naval Surface Warfare Center, Marine Col. Alan Pratt, says the 3,000-worker base is poised to continue its role supplying technology and engineering support for all military branches, despite looming defense spending cuts.

Information from: The Herald Times, http://www.heraldtimesonline.com


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