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Presentations from the OEA-sponsored conferences are listed below from most recent to the oldest. Please click on the conference titles to read more.

2011 Sustaining Military Readiness (SMR) Conference

The Office of the Secretary of Defense, including the Office of Economic Adjustment (OEA), hosted the 2011 Sustaining Military Readiness Conference, Connecting Missions, Resources, and Communities, in Nashville, Tennessee, July 25-29, 2011.

The conference brought together Department of Defense civilian and military personnel; public and private sector leaders from military host communities and states; conservation groups; and private consultants to focus on the interdisciplinary nature of sustaining military readiness. Conference attendees shared lessons learned and best practices, attended a broad spectrum of training workshops, and set the course for new and improved partnerships to connect military missions, natural and cultural resources, and communities.

You may watch the videos of several conference seminars on our YouTube page.

OEA presentations include:

2011 Sustaining Military Readiness Conference Agenda

2010 NCR Transportation Forum

Military mission growth at Fort Belvoir, Quantico MCB, Army National Guard Readiness Center, Bethesda NNMC, Andrews AFB, Fort Meade and Aberdeen Proving Ground will result in transportation impacts across the National Capital Region (NCR). In response, installations are preparing or updating Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Plans to support alternative modes of transportation for their workforce.

During OEA’s November 2009 Defense Community Conference in Orlando, representatives from these installations, the surrounding communities, and the Virginia and Maryland state transportation agencies, gathered to discuss the status of the installation TDM plans and proposed implementation. The NCR Transportation Forum was organized as a follow on meeting to continue the regional discussion of military installation TDM planning/implementation, as well as discuss existing and innovative approaches to promote public transit, rideshare, DoD shuttle bus service, telecommuting, etc. Public and private sector officials provided an overview of “best practices” for TDM planning and implementation to support a successful partnership among state, community and Military Department officials.

NCR Transportation Forum 2010 Agenda

2009 Defense Community Conference

Caribe Royal Hotel, Orlando, Florida, November 2 - 5, 2009

The Department of Defense (DoD) Office of Economic Adjustment (OEA) hosted the 2009 Defense Community Conference, “Partnering for Success” for state and community public officials, installations, DoD and Military Department headquarters’ officials, Federal agencies, and other stakeholders. The conference objective was to provide states and communities the information, skills, and resources necessary for creating and sustaining effective partnerships with the Military Services.

The 2009 Defense Community Conference brought together many of the states and communities DoD is currently partnering with, along with cognizant Federal civilian agencies, to share best practices, confront impediments to success, and explore opportunities for further collaboration. Administration, Federal, state and community officials discussed initiatives, opportunities, and resources, and listened firsthand to the concerns and expressed needs of Defense-impacted areas.

The conference included daily plenary sessions, multiple program tracks focused on compatible use, installation growth (including BRAC, Grow the Army, etc.), BRAC downsizing (including changes to DoD’s reserve component sites), state partnering efforts, and other initiatives.

2007 OEA Growth Summit

The Office of Economic Adjustment (OEA) hosted the OEA 2007 Growth Summit in St. Louis, Missouri, Tuesday, December 11 through Thursday, December 13, 2007. More than 20 locales near military installations where mission growth has been announced participated in informational sessions, workshops, and peer networking opportunities, as well as provided feedback to OEA on local growth experiences to date, including techniques or services that have assisted these affected communities to better respond to the anticipated growth.

Summit attendance and participation was by invitation only. Invitees included local elected officials, representatives of growth management organizations, community subject matter leaders from local jurisdictions, State officials, DoD personnel (including OEA, Military Service Headquarters and Field Personnel, and Installation and Command Staff), Federal Officials through the Economic Adjustment Committee, various public interest groups, and additional panelists and presenters.

2007 Sustaining Military Readiness Conference

2006 OSD/Military Service/Community Conference

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