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Charles E. Kelly Support Facility, Pennsylvania

Office of Economic Adjustment Seal

Background on Installation

The Charles E. Kelly Support Facilities total 145 acres on three separate sites located in two different townships: Collier and Neville Townships. This facility hosts various support entities including the commissary/exchange serving the Pittsburgh/Western Pennsylvania region. The Department of Defense recommended the closure of the facility under 2005 Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) actions.

Property Reuse - Disposal

The Local Redevelopment Authority includes the Redevelopment Authority of Allegheny County, Neville Township, and Collier Township. The chief challenge posed by the redevelopment of the Charles E. Kelly Support Facility is the need for the continued use of the Commissary and Exchange by local military families until a new facility is constructed on another installation in the Pittsburgh area. Presently, Kelly Center Local Redevelopment Authority (KCLRA) members are working with Army officials and the Office of Economic Adjustment, as well as the region’s Congressional Delegation, to ensure a new facility is constructed and is able to serve military families in the area.

Although the base was scheduled to close at the end of September 2009, the existing Commissary and Exchange will remain open on the Charles E. Kelly installation until a new one can be constructed. This development posed a challenge to the KCLRA to find an adaptive reuse that would not only work within the community, but would avoid negative impact on the Commissary and Exchange until it relocated. The bidding process for construction of the new commissary began in early December 2011. The Army held a successful property auction in July, which resulted in the sale of 17 acres at Neville Island and 11 acres at Site 62 (deed transfer projected for December, 2011). The Town of Collier received 95 acres under a Parks Public Benefit Conveyance in September 2011.

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