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Camp Ashland Training Site, Nebraska

Satellite View of Camp Ashland

Military Mission

The Camp Ashland Training Site, encompassing 1,118 acres, is located in eastern Nebraska near the city of Ashland and within the counties of Sarpy and Saunders. The Platte River bisects the site. Camp Ashland provides training facilities for the Nebraska Army National Guard, other military services, and federal and state agencies. Camp Ashland also provides recreational opportunities for retired and active Department of Defense personnel. Major tenants on the training site include the 209th Regional Training Institute, the Recruit Sustainment Program, the Civil Air Patrol, and the Navy Reserves. The site also includes the H.J. Paul Army Airfield and the Fort Mead satellite site, which is primarily used for troop maneuvers

Joint Land Use Study Planning Process

Residential development near the north and east boundaries of the main training site is likely to have a negative impact on current and future training needs. In August 2007, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Installation and Housing) nominated Camp Ashland for a Joint Land Use Study (JLUS). Communities adjacent to the training site are currently going through the organizational stage—selecting a study sponsor, appointing members to both the JLUS Policy and JLUS Technical Committees, and developing a scope of work for the study effort. The potential study area will include land that falls within the jurisdictions of Sarpy and Saunders counties.