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Fort McCoy, Wisconsin

Fort McCoy

Military Mission

Fort McCoy is located on 60,000 acres, with 46,000 acres of maneuver area, between Sparta and Tomah, Wisconsin in Monroe County. Since its creation in a predominantly rural area in 1909, the post has been used primarily as a military training center. Through three land-use agreements, adjacent county and state lands provide an additional 62,000 acres of training area. The installation provides on-site support and facilities for more than 100,000 trainees from all Military Services, and is one of 15 Army power-projection platforms supporting mobilization of Reserve-component units for any domestic or overseas contingency. Fort McCoy enhances training by allowing units to use maneuver areas to the maximum extent possible for real time/distance training for combat-support and combat-service-support units. Large caliber weapons firing and explosive detonation activities are conducted at Fort McCoy, in addition to a joint use airfield, of which a portion is leased to the City of Sparta.

Joint Land Use Study Planning Process

The Army nominated Fort McCoy as a candidate for the Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) program in August 2008 due to concerns about increasing urbanization and environmental restrictions potentially impacting the training mission. The Monroe County Board of Supervisors passed a resolution in December 2010 requesting the Mississippi River Regional Planning Commission to proceed to undertake the JLUS project for the purpose of improving long-term compatibility with the Fort and its neighbors. The majority of communities surrounding Fort McCoy fall within the jurisdiction of Monroe County, including but not limited to, Sparta, New Lyme, Lafayette, Angelo, Grant, Adrian, and Greenfield. The Mississippi River Regional Planning Organization, acting as the JLUS project sponsor, initiated the study effort in late 2011 in partnership with Monroe County and Fort McCoy. The study will involve developing strategies and projects designed to improve compatibility between the Fort and surrounding land owners, communities, government agencies, businesses, and institutions.

Community Website: www.mrrpc.com/JLUS.html