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March Air Reserve Base, California

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Military Mission

March Air Reserve Base (ARB) is located in Riverside County, approximately 45-60 minutes from downtown Los Angeles, and encompasses 2,075 acres. March ARB serves the 452nd Air Mobility Wing and the 163rd Air Refueling Wing to provide military airlift and air refueling capabilities. Several other government organizations operate flying missions from the base. The airfield is a joint use airfield that accommodates both military and commercial operations, and will likely accommodate general aviation in the future.

Joint Land Use Study Planning Process

The Air Force nominated March ARB for a Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) in 2002. A significant amount of vacant property surrounds March ARB; however, development pressure from a rapidly growing area is beginning to encroach upon base missions. The March Joint Powers Authority (MJPA) served as the community sponsor for the JLUS. The MJPA consists of the following jurisdictions: Riverside County and the Cities of Riverside, Moreno Valley, and Perris. The MJPA established JLUS policy and technical committees to address compatible use issues and coordinate with surrounding jurisdictions in the development of the JLUS. Consensus among the jurisdictions on the JLUS recommendations and use restrictions presented a challenge. Final coordination on the draft JLUS was completed in November 2010 and the final JLUS completed in December 2010. The final JLUS is not an adopted plan, but rather, a recommended set of compatibility guidelines that local jurisdictions, federal and state agencies, and other organizations can implement.

Implementation Strategy

The JLUS includes planning, zoning, height restrictions, and other implementation requirements for the four affected jurisdictions—Riverside County and the cities of Moreno Valley, Perris and Riverside. Key JLUS recommendations include the following:

  • compatibility zones (nine) and criteria, describing residential densities, prohibited uses, and other development conditions and land uses for each compatibility zone;
  • avigation easements and disclosure in high noise zone, clear zone, APZs, and high terrain zone;
  • deed notices and disclosure for new residential development in primary/departure zones, flight corridor zones, and flight corridor buffers;
  • new structures for residential and other noise-sensitive uses to be sound attenuated to 40 dB Community Noise Equivalent Level in locations subject to frequent aircraft overflights; and
  • recommendation that the JLUS serve as the Riverside County Airport Land Use Commission’s Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan.

The MJPA continues to work with the jurisdictions around March ARB to help implement appropriate measures at the local and State level that will ensure against further incompatible development around the base.

Community Website: www.marchjpa.com/docs_forms/jlus2010.pdf