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Moody Air Force Base, Georgia

Moody Air Force Base

Military Mission

Moody Air Force Base (AFB) is located in South Georgia approximately fifteen miles north of Valdosta, and is home to the Air Force's 23rd Wing. The 23rd Wing consists of seven groups and is tasked to organize, train, and employ combat-ready security forces, pararescue-jumpers (PJs), A/OA-10, HH-60, and HC-130 forces totaling 6,100 military and civilian personnel. The Wing executes worldwide close air support, force protection, and combat search and rescue operations in support of humanitarian interests, national security, and the global war on terrorism.

Joint Land Use Study Planning Process

The Air Force nominated Moody AFB as a candidate for the Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) Program in September 2005 to preclude the possibility of future incompatible development around and adjacent to the installation that could adversely affect military training and readiness. The Southern Georgia Regional Council served as the study sponsor with oversight from the JLUS Policy Committee, which comprised Moody AFB representatives and elected officials from Berrien, Clinch, Echols, Lanier, and Lowndes counties. This committee set policy direction for the JLUS planning and implementation process. Planning & Zoning and building code staff from the five-county study area, together with Grand Bay Range and installation representatives, acted as technical advisors, providing information and assistance to help the JLUS Policy Committee in data gathering, analyses, and overall completion of the JLUS and its implementation.

Implementation Strategy

Political leadership representing the participating jurisdictions met in a joint session in May 2009 to unanimously adopt the JLUS recommendations. The JLUS Policy Committee directed the Southern Georgia Regional Council staff to initiate efforts to implement the recommendations. Participating local governments within the five-county JLUS region also passed supporting resolutions. Implementation will first focus on the development patterns and land use activities in the Moody AFB Military Influence Areas.

Community Website: www.sgrdc.com/JLUS/index.htm