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Randolph Air Force Base, Texas

Gate at Randolph AFB

Military Mission

Randolph Air Force Base (AFB) is located in Bexar County, Texas and provides training to military personnel by the 12th Training Wing. The installation is comprised of 9,859 acres and is surrounded by the nearby or adjacent municipalities of San Antonio, Universal City, Converse, Selma and Live Oak. The installation is experiencing incompatible urbanization along and adjacent to Loop 1604, San Antonio's outer beltway, due to commercial and residential development bordering the base to the west. Some residential and commercial development already exists in Accident Potential Zones (APZ) I and II, and continued development could have a negative impact on flight mission profiles.

Joint Land Use Study Planning Process

The Air Force nominated Randolph AFB as a candidate for the Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) program in response to concerns about local land use and pressure for future urban development that could adversely impact the military mission. Due to growing missions at Randolph AFB, and a continuing increase of residential and urban development along the transportation corridors, the installation and community both wanted to develop a plan that would identify strategies to mitigate existing and prevent future incompatible development. The Air Force April 2008 Air Installation Compatible Use Zones (AICUZ) study is serving as the basis for the JLUS.

Bexar County serves as the local sponsor for the JLUS project and has organized both an Executive and Advisory Committee to support study completion. The composition of both committees includes representatives from the Bexar County Commission, participating cities, and Bexar County staff. Continuing and growing urban development, noise, and transportation conflicts will be the major issues evaluated.

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