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Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, North Carolina

Program: Compatible Use

Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, North Carolina

Carteret County communities examine zoning and public safety for continued growth while supporting activities at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point.

Carteret County served as the project sponsor for the Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) for the region surrounding Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Cherry Point. Other participants in the JLUS are the Counties of Craven, Jones, and Pamlico; City of Havelock; Towns of Morehead City, Newport, Bogue, Emerald Isle, Havelock, and Oriental; and representatives from MCAS Cherry Point. Carteret County is managing a community-driven planning process designed to promote compatible civilian development in support of military readiness and defense capabilities; protect public health, safety, welfare, and quality of life; promote the economic viability of the communities; and foster continued communication among MCAS Cherry Point and the surrounding communities to address compatibility issues.

The JLUS was completed May 2016 and Carteret County continues to coordinate the region’s efforts to carry out the recommendations from the study.

MCAS Cherry Point is a 12,000-acre facility located in the City of Havelock in Craven County, North Carolina and is the largest airfield for Marine Corps aviation on the east coast.  An earlier Eastern Carolina JLUS, completed in November 2002, focused only on MCAS Cherry Point, and resulted in the City of Havelock adopting a Unified Development Ordinance to guide compatible development.  The study area for the 2016 JLUS represents an expansion of the earlier study, and encompasses MCAS Cherry Point, as well as the Auxiliary Landing Field (ALF) Bogue, Outlying Landing Field (OLF) Atlantic, and Bombing Targets (BT) 9 and 11.

The following were results from the 2016 JLUS:

  • Promote compatible development in the study area through revisions and updates to existing zoning ordinances and comprehensive plans, plus preparation of new plans and ordinances where none exist.
  • Mitigate existing and potential incompatible uses, particularly in the waterways in and near base facilities.
  • Develop enhanced communication between the community and MCAS Cherry Point regarding proposed cell phone and wind towers within the restricted air space.
  • Support the region's continued economic vitality, while maintaining the community's character.

While a number of recommendations were identified in the Carteret County JLUS to support compatible community development, the Carteret County JLUS Implementation Committee has identified the following priority actions to carry out in the near term:

  • Update the Town of Bogue zoning ordinance.
  • Place public safety information signs around ALF Bogue, BT-9, and BT-11.
  • Conduct public meeting to promote awareness of sound attenuation measures.

Implementation of the above is on-going.

Point of Contact:

Eugene Foxworth

Assistant County Manager

Planning and General Services Director

(252) 728-8545

Program: Compatible Use

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