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FY 2015 Defense Spending By State report now available for download.

Oshkosh Region (DIA)


DoD’s Office of Economic Adjustment issued a Defense Industry Adjustment grant to the East Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (ECWRPC). The grant will fund studies aimed at assisting the growth and expansion of new industry clusters that are less reliant on Federal defense contracts. The initiatives include:

  • Charrette and Partner Education Training Seminar: Taking steps to create a more cohesive economic development ecosystem throughout the region that emphasizes communication, coordination, and collaboration among stakeholders.
  • Aviation Cluster Study: Developing research opportunities for advanced manufacturing in the newly developing aerospace industry cluster.
  • Accelerator and Growth Management Program: Facilitating the development of an aerospace business accelerator facility.
  • Supply Chain Mapping and Direct Supplier Assistance: Mapping out the defense industry supply chain and providing assistance to OC suppliers to re-engage in other industry sectors.


In October 2012 and April 2013, Oshkosh Corporation (OC) publicly announced layoffs of more than 1,200 Defense Division employees in the Oshkosh-Neenah metropolitan statistical area (MSA), part of East Central Wisconsin. Through a mixture of natural attrition, early retirements, and buy-outs, the number of OC employees laid off is estimated to be approximately 950 employees. This layoff represents a negative economic impact of over $91 million in earnings and accounts for a loss of 1,437 total jobs within the MSA. The total number of manufacturing jobs lost from the regional employment base is 1,200. From an even broader scope, this job loss represents more than 1.25 percent of the total workforce, and 3.93 percent of the manufacturing base in the MSA.