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View of Camp Rilea

Military Mission

The Oregon Army National Guard operates Camp Rilea as a National Guard and military training site, encompassing 1,886 acres of state-owned property located in northwest Oregon, in the Clatsop Plains, south of the city of Warrenton in Clatsop County. The installation is configured in a north-south orientation, one mile wide by three miles long, with three miles of frontage on the Pacific Ocean. The installation is surrounded mostly by private land holdings on the north, east and south with State Parks Lands bordering the northwest, southwest and western boundaries.

Camp Rilea is a Major Training Center Light (MTC-L), one of three training sites for the Oregon Army National Guard, and is the only training site that provides billeting infrastructure to accompany maneuver and range training opportunities. Camp Rilea is one of only four locations where outdoor small arms weapons qualifications can occur to Army standards, providing military maneuver areas, facilities, and ranges for units extending to brigade size. Fort Lewis, Washington, as well as other active and Reserve Component personnel from the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard use the installation, which also hosts several military schools year round (e.g., Air Assault, Pathfinder, Rappel Master, Advanced and Basic Non-Commissioned Officer Courses, and Combat Life Saver) and provides the northwest Oregon Coast with a disaster response and recovery capability.

Joint Land Use Planning Process

The Clatsop Plains has experienced significant growth, especially in the development of second homes, retirement residences, and commercial and recreational developments. Many undeveloped agricultural parcels adjacent to or near Camp Rilea have been subdivided for residential use in recent years. Camp Rilea mission effectiveness is threatened, particularly from proposed residential development adjacent to the installation on the northern, southern, and eastern boundaries. Clatsop County is the local sponsor for the Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) initiated in December 2010 and completed in June 2012. Clatsop County organized various jurisdictions and other stakeholders to form the JLUS Policy and Technical Advisory Committees.

The overall goals of the JLUS are to:

  • identify land use issues that may impact the operational utility of Camp Rilea;
  • identify actions that Clatsop County and the cities of Warrenton, Gearhart, Seaside and Astoria can pursue to ensure that incompatible development does not impact the operational utility of Camp Rilea; and
  • create an action plan to guide future planning that benefits all involved parties.

Implementation Strategy

The JLUS includes recommended actions and strategies to enhance compatible use within the following general categories: communications, land use, safety, vertical obstructions, frequency interference, infrastructure, noise and vibration, light and glare, alternative energy development, cultural/historical sites, water supply and quality, and biological resources.

Camp Rilea plans to use the JLUS to guide its interaction with local jurisdictions on future projects. Clatsop County organized a JLUS Coordinating Committee to track and monitor implementation of the JLUS recommendations. The Committee’s priority is to carry out some of the more challenging recommendations, including a Sub-Area Plan to incorporate plans, policies, and regulations addressing residential densities near Camp Rilea, access control to the Camp, beach and trail management (including a Beach Management Plan), water quality issues impacting Sunset Lake (used for training on Camp Rilea), and utility infrastructure extensions.

Community Website: www.camprileajlus.com

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