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Aerial View of Volk Field

Military Mission

Volk Field is an Air National Guard Base owned by the State of Wisconsin and encompasses 2,336 acres near the Village of Camp Douglas. Volk Field, with the associated Air National Guard Combat Training Center, is one of the very few wholly Air National Guard-owned airfields in the Guard inventory. In addition, the Training Center manages over 10,000 square miles of military special use airspace, as well as the 7,300-acre Hardwood Air to Ground Gunnery Range (R-6904), which is owned by the State of Wisconsin and located near Finley, 29 miles from Volk Field. More than 200 active duty and Reserve Component units from all Military Departments use the facility annually. Hardwood Range provides training for combat aircrews for air-to-ground weapons delivery.

Joint Land Use Study Planning Process

The Air Force nominated Volk Field/Hardwood Range as a candidate for the Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) program in 2008 due to concerns that civilian development could put the critical training facilities at risk for significant training support degradation. While development pressures are currently relatively light, even minor changes to local land uses could be extremely problematic. Of most concern is incompatible development immediately adjacent to both Volk Field and Hardwood Range.

The North Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission is the JLUS project sponsor with participating local jurisdictions. The JLUS Policy Committee includes elected officials representing Juneau and Wood Counties, the Village of Camp Douglas, and participating towns that surround the installation. The Policy Committee reviewed information prepared for the study and approved the recommended implementation strategies. The JLUS Technical Advisory Committee comprises staff from the regional planning commission, the Air National Guard, Juneau and Wood Counties, as well as federal and state agencies, cranberry growers, real estate professionals, and business and community representatives. The Technical Advisory Committee provided the factual basis to support the JLUS and served as a source of expert testimony to underlie the JLUS policy recommendations that the Policy Committee formally adopted. The JLUS was completed December 2011.

Community Website: www.ncwrpc.org/juneau/jlus/index.html

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