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Gate at NAS New Orleans

Background on Installation

Naval Support Activity (NSA) New Orleans, located on the east and west banks of the Mississippi River, was deemed surplus property to the Federal government in 2005. The property enjoys a strategic maritime location at the confluence of the Mississippi River and the Industrial Canal. The West Bank consists of 200 acres known as “Federal City” and is being developed by a private developer under a 75-year lease with the Navy. The East Bank consists of approximately 25.33 acres near river mile 93 and is anticipated to be transferred to the city of New Orleans under an Economic Development Conveyance in 2012.

Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Gustav have had long-lasting effects on the population of New Orleans, its unemployment rate, the availability of affordable housing, and the needs of the homeless. These factors were the center of the City’s consideration as it developed the reuse plan.

Property Reuse - Disposition

In July 2007, the New Orleans Advisory Task Force (NOATF), established by the Mayor to serve as the Local Redevelopment Authority, sent notice to over 80 state and local public benefit entities, including homeless service providers, regarding the availability of surplus Federal property at NSA East Bank. NOATF also held a Public Outreach Workshop, organized aNSA East Bank Tour in August 2007, and implemented a public involvement plan to develop a strategy for redevelopment of NSA East Bank. The Homeless Assistance Submission was approved by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in September 2009. The plan includes two acres for Unity of Greater New Orleans to provide permanent support facilities for the homeless.

The Reuse Plan calls for mixed use redevelopment including residential housing, neighborhood retail, cruise terminal parking, and a disaster management and recovery planning element. Because of its experience with disaster management (most recently with the Gulf oil spill in April 2010), the city has been contacted by national and international (e.g., China, England, Japan, Mexico, and the Netherlands) entities requesting disaster management and recovery planning assistance. To respond to these requests, the city envisions creating a Disaster Resiliency Center on the NSA East Bank site that would include disaster training, research, pre- and post-disaster storage of supplies, and emergency shelters. The NOATF is currently evaluating the economic feasibility of its Reuse Plan and soliciting tenant interest.

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