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Entrance to existing FETC Readiness Center

Military Mission

Floyd Edsall Training Center (TC) is a Nevada Army National Guard training facility located in the City of North Las Vegas, approximately 10 miles north of the City of Las Vegas. The site comprises 1,697 acres, including a 40-acre cantonment area, 797 acres of easements, and undeveloped open space. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) owns all 1,697 acres while the Nevada Division of State Lands (DSL) holds the patents and title. The Nevada Army National Guard leases the property from Nevada DSL through a Recreation and Public Purposes Lease, which allows the Armed Services significant training use. The primary on-site operations include small unit training (platoon maximum), un-mounted laser engagement, equipment and vehicles staging, classroom training, and vehicle maintenance. The installation is the only Nevada Army National Guard facility with open training space in southern Nevada and has the largest National Guard operated motor pool in the state.

Joint Land Use Study Planning Process

The Army nominated Floyd Edsall TC for a Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) in August 2007 in response to the rapid residential and commercial development in North Las Vegas posing a potential threat to the military training operations. The Nevada State Land Use and Planning Agency (SLUPA), serving as the designated JLUS sponsor, initiated the JLUS in 2010 with participation from the Nevada Army National Guard, the City of North Las Vegas, BLM, Nellis Air Force Base, Clark County, and the University of Nevada Las Vegas. Both a JLUS Policy and JLUS Technical Advisory Committee have been organized with representatives from the participating entities.

The JLUS is expected to guide the City of North Las Vegas and Clark County efforts to support compatible civilian development while not limiting economic development. A Memorandum of Understanding among the stakeholders was finalized in December 2010, seeking agreement to work together to complete the JLUS and implement policies that will protect the interest of all.

Implementation Strategy

Completed in September 2011, the JLUS includes recommended actions and strategies to enhance compatible use. A key feature and outcome of the study is a recommended compatible land use and development scenario for the areas surrounding Floyd Edsall TC. An overview of other JLUS recommendations includes the following.

City of North Las Vegas:

Nevada Army National Guard:

Nevada Department of Transportation and Clark County:

Bureau of Land Management:

University of Nevada Las Vegas:

State of Nevada

The State of Nevada Land Use Planning Agency is leading the effort to track and monitor implementation of the JLUS recommendations. The City of North Las Vegas is using the recommended compatible land use and development scenario to review planning and development proposals in areas surrounding Floyd Edsall, and the JLUS recommendations are guiding the City’s long range planning around the installation.

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