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Military Mission

The North Carolina State Legislature mandated the establishment of the Advisory Commission on Military Affairs to advise the Governor on how to strengthen the state's relationship with the military. The Commission advises the Governor on ways to reduce and prevent urban encroachment around the five primary military bases in the state to include: Fort Bragg, Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, Marine Corps Air Stations Cherry Point, New River, and Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune. The Commission focuses on state legislative, administrative, and programmatic initiatives with the following key responsibilities.

Planning Process

In January 2009, the Commission completed a strategic action plan, which promotes the long-term viability of military installations. The plan builds upon past successes of the Commission with a focus on three goals: Military Base Sustainment, Economic Development, and Quality of Life/Community Affairs. The Commission identified a number of key objectives under these goals, which include the following:

In addition to accomplishing the goals and objectives highlighted in the strategic action plan, the Commission identifies ways to develop support mechanisms to ensure compatible development around all military installations in the state and assist areas affected by rapid growth due to Defense actions.

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