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OEA, Your Local Community and Redevelopment Assistance

OEA Director, Patrick O’Brien, was in good company with fellow economic development experts – local government officials and community representatives, contracting officers, and private sector development and financial specialists – at the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) Federal Forum, held March 30, 2015, in Arlington, Virginia.

The economic development community was represented from all sectors, and at the crux of the conversation was one question, “How can communities, local governments and the federal government partner to best prepare defense-dependent communities for major defense changes?”

Director O’Brien, who leads OEA in its efforts to provide grant funding; high-touch, technical assistance; and a path forward for communities to work with their local military base or successfully redevelop after a defense change, discussed the ways that OEA can help communities. As OEA’s mission of “helping communities help themselves,” suggests, external assistance starts with the communities helping themselves. And though there is “lots of work to be done today on dependencies and how to prepare” you’re not in this alone, said Director O’Brien.

During his keynote address, he shared ways communities can help themselves in this time of uncertainty, ripe for preparation, partnerships and two-way communication:

So, what can OEA do to help with economic development now and in the future? Talk with us; hear the stories of other communities who’ve successfully redeveloped. See stories of OEA grantees utilizing the services, tools and assistance OEA has to offer.

For more specific information about OEA’s assistance programs – please visit Compatible Use (JLUS), BRAC or Defense Industry Adjustment (DIA).