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September 15, 2015 – Dayton Daily News, Barrie Barber

Wright State will administer program.

FAIRBORN — Wright State University will receive a more than $7 million grant from the Defense Department to plan for anticipated reductions in the regional defense industry, the Pentagon announced late Tuesday.

The funds are part of a larger $7.8 million project with Wright State and its partners to find ways to diversity Dayton’s economy, according to the Pentagon.

The work will focus on developing technology more quickly and bringing it into the commercial market and helping employees transition into the growing fields of unmanned vehicle systems, medical manufacturing and information technology.

Work will focus on creating a regional international trade strategy and ways to sustain the initiative after the grant is depleted.

The Defense Department’s Office of Economic Assistance Industry Adjustment Program awarded the grant to Wright State.

The funds arrives on the heels of the Air Force Research Laboratory announcement it will hire universities and nonprofit organizations in an up to $4.1 million initiative to bring more technology out of AFRL labs and into the marketplace to build the industrial base and create jobs.

The U.S. government has pushed federal labs to commercialize more technology.


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