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November 3, 2015 – The Telegraph (Georgia), By Wayne Crenshaw

ROBINS AIR FORCE BASE — Another 200 jobs are expected at Robins, the 78th Air Base Wing commander said Tuesday.

Col. Jeff King said Tuesday the positions will be across the base.

That job boost is in addition to the roughly 200 new aircraft maintainers that Brig Gen. Walter Lindsley, commander of the Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex, announced last month that he plans to hire in the coming year.

King said many of the positions he is filling are existing vacant positions that have been on hold due to budget cuts.

“It’s not associated with new work,” he said. “It’s folks we are looking to bring on to better perform the mission we are doing right now.”

Anyone interested in applying for a job can go to online.

King made the comments in a meeting with local media Tuesday to discuss his first 100 days in command.

Col. Jeff King, 78th Air Base Wing commander, shows the wing's new emblem.
Col. Jeff King, 78th Air Base Wing commander, shows the wing's new emblem. "78th Air Base Wing" replaced "Above the Foe," on the emblem, which dated back to World War II when the wing operated pursuit aircraft (Wayne Crenshaw).

When he first arrived at Robins, King heard the term “BRAC-proof” a lot, he said. That refers to making sure the base won’t be at risk in a future Base Realignment and Closure Commission.

But King said there should be a higher goal, considering the positive movement he has seen in the areas of performance, labor/management relations and managing costs.

“That three-legged stool creates the condition where we can change the narrative from ‘BRAC-proof’ to ‘Bring the BRAC,’ because we know we are comfortable and we are ready to absorb more workload where others are not performing up to par,” he said.

Here a few other things King had to say:


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