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January 10, 2016 – Army Times, Jim Tice

The Army’s active component shrank by nearly 1,600 soldiers in November, bringing personnel strength for the second month of this fiscal year to 487,134 troopers, some 12,100 shy of the drawdown goal for 2016 of 475,000.

Manning data reported to the Defense Manpower Data Center shows the Regular Army had 93,929 officers on active duty Nov. 30, 388,793 enlisted soldiers and 4,412 West Point cadets.

Statistics also show that 70,009 women were serving in the Regular Army, which represents 14.3 percent of that component.

The reserve components consisting of 348,627 National Guard soldiers, and 199,153 Army reservists, accounted for more than one-half of the Army’s total force of 1,034,914 soldiers.

Total Army personnel strength on Nov. 30, 2015
Active ComponentWomen ACNational GuardArmy Reserve
lt. Gen.47420
Brig. Gen.128515775
Total general officers31218222110
Lt. Col.9,2181,2253,6015,389
1st Lieutenant13,5742,6348,9475,457
2d Lieutenant6,3361,3505,4072,584
Total branch officers78,60814,42536,67233,264
Chief warrant officer five63139367109
Chief warrant officer four2,0901791,418520
Chief warrant officer three4,2083852,043895
Chief warrant officer two6,2216423,5601,376
Warrant officer one1,8591751,211429
Total warrant officers15,0091,4208,5993,329
Total all officers93,61715,48545,49436,703
Sgt. Major3,4042722,0661,588
Sgt 1st Class36,1384,22321,70914,827
Pvt 1st Class45,9927,14439,53216,525
Pvt. E225,3083,98121,2517,423
Pvt. E121,6463,16414,6927,702
Total enlisted388,79353,299303,133162,450
Academy cadets4,41284700
Grand total487,13470,009348,627199,153


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