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    On July 9, 2015, the Army announced its Force Structure and Stationing Decisions. This decision will affect up to 40,000 uniformed service members, nearly 17,000 Army civilian employees, their families, and the states and communities that support them. If an Army installation is selected for force realignment or reduction, impacted areas may qualify for assistance from OEA. For more information, please contact David Kennedy, OEA Project Manager, at 703-697-2136 or david.r.kennedy.civ@mail.mil

Letter from our Director: Introduction to the new OEA.gov website

Director Patrick J. O'Brien

Friday, August 6, 2010

I would like to introduce you to the new Office of Economic Adjustment (OEA) website, designed to serve communities affected by Department of Defense Program changes. Regardless of the challenges facing your community, the new OEA website is designed to help you discover success stories and best practices, share your insight with other local communities, and explore what others have done.

The website shares information needed to make informed choices, engage stakeholders, plan effectively, and enact positive, successful community changes. New features include:

Discover Best Practices

Realizing the multiple ways to approach Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC), significant military and civilian personnel growth at an installation (Growth), Defense Industry Adjustment (DIA), or challenges to compatible land use around active military installations (Compatible Use), OEA has developed a Best Practices page to showcase community solutions. These first-hand accounts allow communities to get multiple perspectives on challenges as they look to enact positive changes for their community. Don’t forget that your experiences and thoughts matter, so please add your thoughts. You never know who will benefit from your insight.

Showcasing Success Stories

Learn how OEA’s comprehensive technical and financial support assisted communities to respond to various BRAC, Growth, DIA, or Compatible Use challenges, as the Success Story page outlines how several local communities have made a successful transition.

News and Announcements

Want to know what is going on with OEA? Want to see how OEA is supporting other local communities? The News and Announcements page and ensures you stay informed on all that is happening with OEA. Sharing Information and Knowledge

Have a question for OEA or other community members? Want to share your successes? OEA has created My Town Hall to connect users with one another and to OEA in an effort to allow you to get as much information as possible before making decisions. My Town Hall was designed with you in mind, so please visit and contribute often.

Searchable Document Library

OEA has created a fully searchable document library for you to access best practices, planning documents, education analyses, infrastructure analyses, implementation plans, Joint Land Use Studies (JLUS), and many other products and resources. These documents allow you to see how other communities have approached similar BRAC, Growth, or Compatible Use challenges to those you face today. New documents will be added, so check back frequently.

As we unveil this website to the OEA community, please provide feedback to us on how the website can better serve your needs. We welcome comments and feedback.


Patrick J. O'Brien

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