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Naval Station Ingleside Seal

Background on Installation

Naval Station Ingleside (NSI) was selected for closure under the 2005 round of Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC). The closure involves the reversion of two sites, the main Naval Station site of 576.62 acres (located in the city limits of Ingleside) and a separate dredge spoil area of 336.36 acres (located in San Patricio County) totaling 912.98 acres. All reversionary property was deeded to the Port of Corpus Christi Authority. The closure also includes a 155 acre (105.47 acres submerged) Electro-Magnetic Reduction (EMR) Facility located three miles northwest of the main base, which is not part of the reversion. The EMR Facility is the only property declared surplus . In response to the BRAC actions, the community formed the multi-jurisdictional Ingleside Local Redevelopment Authority (LRA) to plan for the reuse of the EMR Facility and to undertake a regional economic diversification strategy in order to help mitigate military and civilian job losses in the region, which are estimated at 6,605. Reuse planning of the main base was conducted solely by the Port of Corpus Christi Authority.

Property Reuse - Disposal

Electro-Magnetic Reduction (EMR) Facility: The Ingleside Local Redevelopment Authority (LRA) completed the required outreach process ; there were no Notices of Interest (NOI) submitted from homeless services providers or others interested in public use of the surplus property.

The LRA’s preferred reuse plan is to redevelop this waterfront property as a Marine Business Park and Marina. The redevelopment plan and homeless assistance submission were submitted to the Navy and U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in December 2008. In February 2010, an Economic Development Conveyance (EDC) application was submitted to the Navy. The EDC directive requests military departments to seek fair market value for property at installations closed or realigned after January 1, 2005. Soon after, the Navy asked for additional information to complete their evaluation of the EDC. In response, the new LRA President submitted a letter to the Navy stating that the LRA unanimously voted to request the Navy dispose of the property via public sale.

In October 2010, the Navy initiated a Public Bid Sale Auction of the EMR property (minimum bid $3 million), but stopped the public sale in November because there were no bids. The Navy conducted a sealed bid sale in September 2011 with one bidder now working with the Navy to complete the property transfer.

Naval Station Ingleside (NSI): Operational closure and transfer of the reversionary NSI “main base” took place on 30 April 2010. Port of Corpus Christi officials are in negotiations with Canyon Supply and Logistics to create an offshore oil service complex on approximately 470 acres of the main base that could eventually create up to 2,500 jobs. This company will provide training, services, and assistance to new oil wells planned for development in the western Gulf. The Port sold a small pier and wharf to Flint Hills Resources for $8M. The pier will be used for shale oil exploration. Approximately 100 acres of campus type property valued at $20M is being leased by the Port until they find a buyer.

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