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    On July 9, 2015, the Army announced its Force Structure and Stationing Decisions. This decision will affect up to 40,000 uniformed service members, nearly 17,000 Army civilian employees, their families, and the states and communities that support them. If an Army installation is selected for force realignment or reduction, impacted areas may qualify for assistance from OEA. For more information, please contact David Kennedy, OEA Project Manager, at 703-697-2136 or david.r.kennedy.civ@mail.mil

CareerOne-Stop Portal

U.S. Department of Labor

The CareerOne-Stop Portal (COS) provides access to all of the One-Stop Career Center electronic tools Web sites: America’s Job Bank, America’s Career InfoNet, and America's Service Locator. These tools connect users to relevant links, resources, and community services offered over the Internet. The tools also direct users to other relevant information and services provided through these core products. The Web site listed above also includes a gateway to access State and local resources.

BRAC Coach

U.S. Department of Labor

To further aid communities impacted by BRAC action, Department of Labor has created this "BRAC Coach" online tool to assist workers, businesses, and workforce professionals who may be impacted by a local base realignment or closure. The BRAC Coach identifies common issues or problems facing those likely to be impacted by BRAC and provides step by step instructions to help users find resources and related information.

Military Spouse Resource Center

Sponsored by U.S. Department of Defense and U.S. Department of Labor

The Military Spouse Resource Center is a Web site that supports the career aspirations of military spouse jobseekers, particularly those in the midst of a permanent change of station. This Web site is free and available to spouses from all Military Departments, veterans, the National Guard and Reserve, and the Coast Guard. The Web site contains over 2,500 information and resource links that assist with job searching, career planning, training, scholarships, and other educational opportunities. It also includes specific information regarding local military installations and the communities in which they reside, including childcare and transportation.


Partnership between Federal Agencies

This Web site is the gateway to Federal and State benefits information on continuing education and training, financial support programs, disability assistance, grants, scholarships, health care, social security, child care, housing, volunteer activities, plus many more. Users can browse benefits by category and specific Government Agency and search at the Federal and State level. In turn, users are provided with choices to search topics by population and/or interests.

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