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This Web site offers a wide range of information on accessible transportation systems, community transportation initiatives, and Federal laws and regulations to improve access and availability of bus, rail, and air travel for people with disabilities.

United We Ride


This Web site contains a one-stop information resource on all Federal programs funding human service transportation.

One-Stop Career Center

U.S. Department of Labor

Customers can apply for transportation supportive services at local one-stop career centers. This Web site helps users to locate the nearest One-Stop Career Center.

Job Access and Reverse Commute Grant

U.S. Department of Transportation

The Job Access and Reverse Commute grant program assists States and localities in developing new or expanded transportation services that connect welfare recipients and other low income persons to jobs and other employment-related services. Additional information about this program and how it can benefit employers, communities, and employees can be found at the above Web site.

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