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Cannon AFB

Curry County is home to Cannon Air Force Base (AFB), and Roosevelt County is home to Melrose Air Force Range (AFR). The 27th Special Operations Wing (SOW) has a significant social and economic impact on Curry and Roosevelt counties. To ensure the operational effectiveness of the base and training range, the Cannon JLUS project will help mitigate land use incompatibility between the military, Curry and Roosevelt counties, local land owners, and governmental agencies. Additionally, land use strategies between the military and local communities will foster better planning and consistent land use development within New Mexico. Currently, there are few land use conflicts between the military and surrounding communities. This study will help put the proper procedures in place so future conflicts might be avoided. The best time to avoid these future problems is now. Planning efforts can provide significant benefits for future operations. The key phrase that emerged during the JLUS process was “Talk Early, Talk Often.” One of the major benefits of this process is continuing this attitude into the future for installation leaders and community participants.

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