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Community Profile: Naval Weapons Station Concord, California

The Office of Economic Adjustment (OEA) designated the City of Concord as the Local Redevelopment Authority. The base is entirely within the jurisdiction of the City and the City Council, as the LRA, is directing the planning and implementation of the reuse of the base.

LRA is supported by a small project management office (PMO) including a Director of Community Reuse Planning, Project Manager, and Administrative Assistant. The PMO draws support from other engineering, legal, and planning departments within the City offices. The PMO is also supported by a team of consulting specialists. LRA also formed a community advisory committee (CAC) to work with the PMO staff and consultants to form a plan for base reuse. The CAC is a 21 member group representing local and regional stakeholders. Representation includes neighborhood associations, housing advocates, park/open space advocates, business interests, and green development advocates. The CAC is supported by Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs), which the LRA formed to address single issue interests in the areas of transportation; education; wildlife protection; and parks, recreation, and open space. These community groups were instrumental in development of a recommendation to the LRA on a preferred alternative for reuse of the base.

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