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Idaho Local Encroachment Study

The military installations and operations in Idaho are critical to local, regional, and state economies, generating nearly 12,000 jobs and nearly $1 billion in direct and indirect economic activity annually. This activity also results in significant tax revenues that accrue to these entities.

Throughout the country, incompatible development has been a factor in the curtailment or reduction of military training operations and / or restructuring of mission critical components to other installations typically out of state. To protect the military mission in the State, the health of the economies and industries that rely on them, and consider the rights of adjacent private property owners, collaboration and joint planning among the installations, counties and local communities must occur throughout southwest Idaho. A mechanism used to foster collaboration and joint planning is the Compatible Use Plan (formerly Joint Land Use Study). The intent of the Compatible Use Plan is to mitigate both existing and anticipated encroachment issues through improved coordination among stakeholders in the region: the Cities of Boise, Grand View, and Mountain Home; Ada, Elmore and Owyhee Counties; Mountain Home Air Force Base (AFB), Idaho National Guard, Shoshone Paiute Tribes, federal and state agencies, and the public.

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