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Community Profile: Buckley Annex, Colorado

The Lowry Redevelopment Authority was recognized as the LRA for the Buckley Annex property through publication in the Federal Register on April 27, 2006. The Buckley Annex property was retained by the Air Force upon the closure of Lowry Air Force Base (AFB), and the original organization of the Lowry Redevelopment Authority included the Buckley Annex property within its defined geographic area. The City and County of Denver reaffirmed its desire for the Lowry Redevelopment Authority to plan for there use of Buckley Annex property.

Community Profile: Charles E. Kelly Support Facility, Pennsylvania

The C.E. Kelly Support Facilities total 145 acres on three separate sites located in two separate townships: Collier and Neville Townships.

After thorough market analysis and input from the local communities, the following reuse plan was pursued and adopted:

1. The Main Post would be redeveloped into a Regional Recreational facility that would not only support Collier Township, but also adjacent communities and the local school district through active parkland, passive parkland, civic uses, and limited commercial use.

Community Profile: Onizuka Air Force Station, California

In January 2006, Sunnyvale City Council unanimously approved are solution requesting the Department of Defense
(DoD) recognize the City Council as the LRA for Onizuka.The City Council was formally recognized as LRA on April
27, 2006, and became the primary community point of contact for all matters relating to the base closure.This includes
conducting outreach efforts and designing the comprehensive reuse plan to guide Onizuka’s redevelopment.

Community Profile: Navy Supply Corps School, Georgia

The Athens Clarke County Naval Supply Corps School (NSCS) LRA is a planning LRA comprised of 17 members, 16 of whom were appointed by the Mayor in the fall of 2005. Subsequently, the Governor of the State of Georgia appointed one LRA member. The functional expertise and entities represented include: public sector, private sector, nonprofit social services, Georgia Department of Labor, Georgia Department of Community Affairs, historic preservation, higher education, land development, architects, community representatives/neighborhood residents, and local government.

Community Profile: Riverbank Army Ammunition Plant, California

RBAAP is a government owned, contractor operated (GOCO) military industrial installation under the jurisdiction of the Army Join tMunitions Command. The Plant was originally constructed in 1942 under the authority of the Defense Plant Corporation by Aluminum Corporation of America (ALCOA) as an aluminum reduction plant. Prior to government acquisition of the property the land was used for agriculture. The RBAAP facility was closed after World War II and the land was used for storage of government surplus materials, including corn and grain.

Community Profile: Rock Island Arsenal, Illinois

In 2008, the Bi-State Regional Commission served as grant applicant and recipient for the Office of Economic Adjustment (OEA )Community Economic Diversification Planning Program relative to the Base Realignment and
Closure (BRAC) action at the Rock Island Arsenal in Rock Island County, Illinois. Bi-State serves as the Region’s federally designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and Economic Development District Organization

Community Profile: Selfridge Army Garrison, Michigan

The Planning LRA is comprised of the Township Treasurer (LRAChairperson), Township Supervisor, and Township Clerk. The LRA hired several consultants to help in the planning process. These consultants included a planning and economic development firm, a civil engineering firm, a real estate appraisal firm, and an environmental firm. All of the consultants and LRA worked closely with an attorney hired by the LRA.

Community Profile: Naval Weapons Station Concord, California

The Office of Economic Adjustment (OEA) designated the City of Concord as the Local Redevelopment Authority. The base is entirely within the jurisdiction of the City and the City Council, as the LRA, is directing the planning and implementation of the reuse of the base.

Community Profile: Naval Support Activity New Orleans, Louisiana

The City of New Orleans (City) is the sole political jurisdiction comprising the Local Redevelopment Authority (LRA) for NSA East Bank and is federally recognized as the LRA by the Office of Economic Adjustment (OEA). The Mayor of the City established the New Orleans Area Task Force (NOATF) by Executive Ordinance to carryout LRA’s responsibilities.

Community Profile: Naval Station Pascagoula, Mississippi

In April 2006, the Jackson County Board of Supervisors established the NS Pascagoula LRA for the purpose of
developing a reuse plan under BRAC 2005. The duties of this LRA include serving as Jackson County’s sole authority
to develop, coordinate, and disseminate the plans for reuse and redevelopment of those properties known as Lakeside
Manor in Jackson County.


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