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Air Force

JB Elmendorf - Richardson

Encroachment issues around many military installations across the nation have become a concern for military officials and local planners. To date, incompatible land uses between the Matanuska-Susitna Borough (MSB) and the nearby military installations have been limited. However, rapid growth in the borough and a number of development projects may lead to future encroachment issues. This study examines potential issues and provides an implementation strategy to promote compatible land use.

Cannon AFB

Curry County is home to Cannon Air Force Base (AFB), and Roosevelt County is home to Melrose Air Force Range (AFR). The 27th Special Operations Wing (SOW) has a significant social and economic impact on Curry and Roosevelt counties. To ensure the operational effectiveness of the base and training range, the Cannon JLUS project will help mitigate land use incompatibility between the military, Curry and Roosevelt counties, local land owners, and governmental agencies.

Community Profile: Buckley Annex, Colorado

The Lowry Redevelopment Authority was recognized as the LRA for the Buckley Annex property through publication in the Federal Register on April 27, 2006. The Buckley Annex property was retained by the Air Force upon the closure of Lowry Air Force Base (AFB), and the original organization of the Lowry Redevelopment Authority included the Buckley Annex property within its defined geographic area. The City and County of Denver reaffirmed its desire for the Lowry Redevelopment Authority to plan for there use of Buckley Annex property.

Community Profile: Grand Forks Air Force Base, North Dakota

As Grand Forks (through the Council on Military Relations) worked to “Save the Base,” community leaders assigned a small group to plan for the worst – base closure. The group consisted of the County Administrator, the Grand Forks Region Economic Development Council (EDC) President, and the City Administrator. When the BRAC recommendations were finalized, Grand Forks was relieved to learn that GFAFB was to be realigned and not closed.

Community Profile: General Mitchell Air Reserve Station, Wisconsin

The 440th Air Force Reserve Base military facility was closed in February 2008 under the BRAC round of 2005. The former base is located entirely within the city limits of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and occupies approximately 102 acres. There are 93 buildings on the base. Utilities serving the property are not privatized.

Community Profile: Brooks City-Base, Texas

In 2000, Congress passed Public Law 106246 authorizing the creation of Brooks City Base, a collaborative corporate community designed to enhance the U.S. Air Force missions at the base and encourage future development in southeast San Antonio. In July of 2002, the Air Force conveyed the entire Brooks Air Force Base property to BDA creating the nation’s first – and only – City Base.

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